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  1. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Vanilla Nether Hub Sign Up
    The nether hub is getting quite close to a functioning state, so if you'd like to reserve a slot you should go ahead and sign up! It will still be a few days before tunnels start getting set up, but the sooner you sign up the better.

    -Permanent bases only, nothing temporary
    -One portal per base; if you need more talk to staff
    -Admins will assign tunnels, you don't get to choose
    -Respect one another's bases. This is not an invitation to go mess with other players

    How to sign up:

    A) Reply to this thread with your X, Y, and Z overworld coordinates


    B) Send Z_Millla a private message with your X, Y, and Z overworld coordinates

    When I connect your base to the nether hub, I will move your portal up to y100 (even with hub), destroy your old nether portal (avoid bad connections), and I'll dig a 1x2 tunnel between your portal and the hub. Everyone will be designated a 5x5 area to build themselves a tunnel (5x5 includes walls, so plan for a 3x3 design). If your tunnel is long, I'd encourage the use of minecarts.

    Currently Added
    Z & Company

    Bored and want to set up your own portal? Here is how:
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  2. SkinnedRat

    SkinnedRat New Member

    /me sighs upwards

    My portal is already there, but overworld coords are -915, 79, 623
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  3. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Ha! Fixed. :)

    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

    you already know where mine is :)
  5. Rohkin

    Rohkin New Member

    sirjameswhat: Overworld portal is at x:840 y:103 z:-1497
  6. nutz_22

    nutz_22 New Member

    overworld portal is at -614, 117, 747. nether portal should be where it needs to be but you can check if you want.
  7. Berin Suljovic

    Berin Suljovic New Member

    Hey, my coords are 1644/12/199, but there is already a path to my base, it has a sign saying "LOOK HERE" i was wondering if that could be mine, its already leading to my home.
  8. GingerSwan

    GingerSwan Active Member VIP

    I want one, but I'm not whitelisted D: , Any admin here able to read my app and let me in?
  9. Mcwoahs

    Mcwoahs New Member

    I would like to put in a reservation for a spot in the nether hub, I have yet to designate a location for my permanent base. I will update this post with cords today.
  10. GingerSwan

    GingerSwan Active Member VIP

    When I'm added, but plz reserve a spot 4 me Z!

    Sent from the SwanPhone
  11. Brooks Palin

    Brooks Palin New Member

    My over world portal's coordinates are as follows: -262, 133, 419 (x,y,z) Hope that gets me in :D
  12. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Mcwoahs Your portal is going to be tough since we love so damn close in the overworld. We'll work somethin out though.

    Berin Suljovic What is your IGN? I'm not familiar with your name.

    GingerSwan If you want to be whitelisted, apply here like everyone else. I don't recall your application, and all I know of you is your frequent appearances in finger pointing. If you apply be aware we tolerate dumbassery much less than the other servers.

    Everyone else should be good. I'm going to start plotting out paths today most likely. Tunnels within the next few days I would think.
  13. Alpha_liam

    Alpha_liam New Member

    IGN: Alpha_liam
    my overworld portal is at x405 y121 z-139
  14. epic_poke8

    epic_poke8 Active Member VIP

    heh... I messed up. My portal is at x133 y104 z623. IGN, epic_poke8.
    Made a different portal, linked it myself.
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  15. james jones

    james jones New Member

    gonna take take a walk out and find a new place to set up home, ill msg you my coords when i have them so reserve a spot for me if you can please :)
  16. damnsparks

    damnsparks New Member

    damnsparks overworld = -73, 61, -290. thanks.
  17. Mcwoahs

    Mcwoahs New Member

    We do 'love' very close.... But we shouldn't let that come between us Z.

    Also, my new base is where i want the portal to go anyways, which is pretty far from our current main bases.
    Overworld = 1165 / 91 / 1525

    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

    Hehe, you're not that far from me
  19. Mcwoahs

    Mcwoahs New Member

    I may , or may not have went behind your portal in the nether and followed that tunnel back as far as it went, and made a portal.... <.< >.>
  20. Hey Z mine is -2258 60 190. IGN: Esssence2
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