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    I'd like to report myself for accidental griefing on the Space Engineers survival server. Long story short, I managed to crash someone else's ship. To the owner of the Dog Sled 2.0, I sincerely apologize. Today is literally the first day I've had the game, so I'm still getting used to the mechanics. I had just built my first ship, and I wanted to compare its speed to another small ship. The Dog Sled happened to be the closest ship, so I borrowed it. I swear I was being as careful as possible, but I (stupidly) didn't realize that a ship with more mass doesn't stop as fast as a smaller one. I hit the side of the larger welding ship, and blew the back off of the Dog Sled. Again, I'm terribly sorry; I had no intention of breaking the ship. I recovered as many pieces of the ship as possible, and restored them to full health. The welding ship is also at full health. I also parked the remaining part of the Dog Sled in the cargo bay. I would have attempted to rebuild the back half of the ship, but I have no idea how it was put together. To whoever owns the ship, I'm more than willing to help repair it; I just don't know how. One last time, I'm really sorry about the crash.
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    Lol you wouldn't think the bigger it is the longer it takes to stop like in real life?
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    The ship wasn't much bigger than the one I made, so I didn't think there would be that much of a difference. Also, video games != real life.
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    Space engineers is designed to be as close as possible to real life just saying :p
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    All you need to recognise is physics. Since this is a game that emulates our knowledge of physics; if you have two bodies that are nearly equal mass, you need to know if they have similar thruster power. If they do not, then assume that one will slow down/accelerate/turn faster/slower than the other. Space is not the ground, you can't just accelerate and assume you'll slow down. There is little to no gravitational/frictional forces to slow you down. Just for hilarity's sake I like to just punch the accelerator and crash things. I like destruction.

    Also, Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaceeeeeeeee, I'm in Spaaaaaaaaaaaaaceeee
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    RIP Dog Sled 2.0, guess I should hop on and build Dog Sled 3.0 today XD do t worry about breaking it, I crash my ships a lot, hence it being 2.0 :p

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    Just be glad it wasn't Ford Prius, as that is my favorite ship, and it's fast, way too fast

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    The Ford Prius is safe over in Space Canada.
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