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  1. StephenP67

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    Hi awesomeguy. I'd be happy to help out but wouldn't be joining your town as I already have my own town Shortunga at warp bazaar.

    IGN StephenP67

    Never been banned.

    Very trustworthy. Never griefed or looted on general principal.

    I play every day (well, night for me) and not up to much at the moment so will help as much as you need me to.
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  2. GingerSwan

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    Lemme go over some points again.

    Trustworthy, and won't steal from town chests or grief.

    I'm a decent builder, mostly medieval stuff, and pretty handy with a bit of redstone. Secret entrances are a personal favourite

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    He turned down your app, let it go
  4. GingerSwan

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    K, was just emphasising.
  5. AwesomeGuy2010

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    All progress to stop until official construction begins as I need to fix up the blueprints.
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  6. AwesomeGuy2010

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    I made a modreq about this.

    THEdeadRETURNED I said not to keep going until I was online and you have delayed the progress of the city in doing so, I have asked for all the stone to be rolled back so I can put up the blueprints and start construction at the end of July. Sorry for any confusion I may have caused you.

    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

    ah shit man, sorry about that :/
    EDIT: rollback perms for mods seem to be broken again, no perms for any of the parameters
  8. AwesomeGuy2010

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    Its alright.
  9. AwesomeGuy2010

    AwesomeGuy2010 Active Member

    Ok, everything rolled back, nearly all blueprints up, we are back on schedule.

    Yeah you guys can help out.
  10. I_am_dropbear

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    I would apply but I have so many projects already on the go and I can't be motivated to do even them! I'm just concentrating on arch in creative, thanks or the opportunity!