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Discussion in 'Good Byes' started by Z_Millla, Jul 20, 2014.

  1. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Fuckin rawb sniped me on the goodbye post...

    So I was going to make a long and drawn out post, reminiscing about all the good times and bad, critiquing the server one last time, justifying my jackassery and now my departure, but then I realized that would make zero sense. The only people who I would care to read such a post (and care to read it themselves) are either long gone and would never see it, or I'm already in contact with them outside of the server. Saying goodbye in such a context would be silly.

    Simply put, this server is no longer for me. I no longer have fun playing here, administrating here, and trying to implement change is like pulling teeth. I've found better things to waste my time on. :)

    CyberVic I'm FTPing one or two last world over to my pc while I type this, so feel free to do the whole demotion thing tonight/tomorrow.

    If anyone does wish to stay in contact with me, feel free to do so on steam: zmilla93. If you want to continue judging me from afar, you can also do so on Thanks to that stupid fucking steam sale I've branched out a bit from MC.

    It's been real, Shadecrest. Peace.
  2. Archenemy666

    Archenemy666 Active Member VIP

    Damn, not you too Z! I'll miss you buddy! :'(
  3. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    As I said on teh's bye thread, gang sticks together...cya on steam and twitch
  4. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Arch! Add me on steam you hippie.
  5. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    you and arch look alike
    Also Z wanna get a shematic of my castle for me
  6. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    Z play more CS:GO
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  7. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    Save it as a schematic and tell me what it is called (//copy then //schematic save NAME). Clock is ticking on how long I have console. ;)
  8. AwesomeGuy2010

    AwesomeGuy2010 Active Member

    I may not have seen you for a while Z, but I still remeber my first time on the creative server when you gave me advice for my plot. Good luck for whatever server or game you play on.
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  9. Archenemy666

    Archenemy666 Active Member VIP

    My Steam is the same as my name Archenemy666
  10. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    Hmmm to add or not hmmm lol think I'll let archy keep one spot that doesn't have me around:p
  11. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

    Hey man, it's been fun the last few years. I'll always remember the good ol' days of fighting you, Kevin, and nray in Flex. Hopefully I'll see ya around.
  12. aarondang

    aarondang Active Member

    I am going to miss you my slime brother and it was fun helping you test out the cops and robbers map. Gl in whatever you do. Bye!
  13. qb10panther

    qb10panther Member

    Man, everyone is leaving. Well, goodbye Z.
  14. CyberVic

    CyberVic Well-Known Member VIP

    Good luck with your future endeavors sir. Let me know when is an ok time to remove your access.
  15. Sophiiiiiiier

    Sophiiiiiiier Member VIP

    well, it was nice playing with you. especially on old vanilla when you helped me with that wither. goodbye! :D
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  16. Z_Millla

    Z_Millla Well-Known Member VIP Creative Architect

    I got your back, Soph. Take care! :D
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  17. Magetime

    Magetime Active Member VIP

    Total count of people leaving in a matter of days: 6 Bai Z I watch your stream from time to time!
  18. Dynodamon

    Dynodamon Well-Known Member

    You were a pretty cool dude. Cya on steam. :(
  19. GingerSwan

    GingerSwan Active Member VIP

    Cya Z! I'll try to stop acting like a little b!tch, especially in ur streams :p
  20. Slebert

    Slebert Active Member VIP

    Never really got to know you, but peace out man

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