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  1. SkittlesQueen

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    Too much drama to deal with basically
  2. GingerSwan

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    I will miss u 4evr booblypoos
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    THEdeadRETURNED Active Member VIP

    Cya bobby D: I'll add ya on skype when I get home
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  4. NMBr2d2

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  5. Random0ne

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    Cya bobby, I'm gonna miss your wonderful singing in teamspeak.
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  6. crazyboy162

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    bobby, I love you, I know this server is truly becoming one spiral of a hell hole, but I will miss out good times. You've taught me a lot. Thanks friend. Add me on Steam and we will talk: Ventatron. :)
  7. Dynodamon

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    Negative Nancys all up in this thread.
  8. hywzerboydy

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    NO! You're not allowed to leave!