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    It seems it is just that time for me to go with the rest of the pack. It's sad to know that after almost 3 years it's come to be that time of my departure. This server, I feel, is truly on it's last leg, but after all of this time, it's sad to see the end come. I know, this post may seem really negative, but just wait. I've watched this server grow and do great things for the past 3 years. It's really come far for the standards of Minecraft. I have met and become friends with a fair amount of people, and I want to acknowledge them here before I go.

    Navarog : It's been a pleasure playing with you and getting to know you. I know it's crazy to believe that we've been running together for nearly 2 years (I think), and it has truly been a pleasure to call you a friend. I'm sorry that it has to end this way, and unfortunately it does, but I trust that we will stay in touch. ;)

    SkittlesQueen : Skit, I've known you for a good while, and it was a lot of fun building and playing on the server with you. Thanks for all of the great times.

    QuietSea : Quiet, I don't know if you're even still around, but I want to thank you for everything. You've taught me a lot and we have had some good times in the past. Molten will forever be the greatest town in my eyes, and building it with you was a great time. Thanks.

    bobbylou4 : Bobby, you have helped me a tremendous amount, and made me see that I do have potential when it comes to building, and have given me numerous tips and tricks as to how to be a better builder.

    CyberVic : Cyber, if you can pull this together again, a large kudos to you, good luck, and gg.

    imaxorz : Max, ik I have pissed you off numerous times in the past, but I want to personally thank you for creating this server. I don't know where I would be today without it, and all of the people I have met here. I'm sorry that the server has to be in the state it is currently, and I never would have wanted to see it in this state, but again, I thank you.

    And to the rest of the people that have come and gone throughout my journey, thank you for doing whatever it may have been that you have done. It has been fun here, but I need to move on. Thanks Shadecrest, and adios. :(
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    Bye. :( I'll spam you on Steam sometime
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    <3 Sounds great. Lets play some Tribes sometime, ok? :)
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    I have no idea why people think this server is almost dead, we are actually getting more players than we have been and the amount of active people has been steadily increasing, the server has been around 7 people daily for a long time now which is a lot different to the 40+ you probably remember. But see ya around :)
  5. crazyboy162

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    I know what you mean, and I plan on hearing that from multiple people, but after 3 years, and watching everyone leave, it's just time for me to go. Thanks Shock, you've been a good guy to me too. ;)
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    Like shock said, with players and votes steadily increasing, old plugins getting cleaned up, and us mods and admins -- more unified than we've been in a long time -- working hard to make all kinds of improvements to ensure the continued success of ShadeCrest as a whole, the servers are doing anything but "dying" like a few have suggested. I know that it's hard losing your friends on here, and that it probably detracts from your gameplay significantly, but it in no way indicates the downfall of our community as a whole.

    Anyway, I'll cya around crazy. It's been a fun 3 years, but I guess everything loses its appeal eventually :p
  7. CyberVic

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    Good luck on your future journey and remember, even if Minecraft has lost your appeal, we are still a gaming community that plays other games. Don't be a stranger.
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  8. crazyboy162

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    Thanks Cyber.;)
  9. SkittlesQueen

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    Chow crazy...I'll watch over ya badass house
  10. crazyboy162

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    Thanks Skit, I know I can trust you. Feel free to use the farm, and even the house if you want. Most of the chests are unlocked. ;)
  11. GingerSwan

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    What most people mean by "the server is dying" is that lots of people are leaving. And, bye crazy.
  12. crazyboy162

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    Later Ginger. Good luck with everything. :)
  13. GingerSwan

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    Keep in touch crazy. As cyber said, don't be a stranger
  14. crazyboy162

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    I'm on the Steam group: Ventatron. Add me. :)