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    From here on out, our moderators will be issuing warnings for the below kinds of inappropriate forum behavior which go against our general communication guidelines. In the past we have manually used the "discouragement" feature of the forums in the event that a user was behaving inappropriately or needed some kind of disciplinary action. We no longer need to use that feature now that we have a warning system in place. Staff should not be dolling these things out all the time, but when they need to, warnings will be issued. These will be extreme cases where inappropriate behavior needs more than just moderation.

    All the details
    • Warning should be visible on your profile page along with expiration information
    • When staff issue a warning to a member, they will be notified
    • All these warnings will give you 1 warning point
    • Each warning expires after 1 month from the date issued
    • In the case of inappropriate signatures or avatars, Cyber will have to be notified to alter the member's profile
    • There will be no appeals process to remove warnings early
    • No staff should issue warnings without an expiration time
    • Moderators and Admins have the privileges to give warnings
    • If there are any existing warnings without an expiration time, let me or an admin know since all admins have privileges to delete warnings
    Types of Warnings:
    Inappropriate Content
    Inappropriate Behavior
    Inappropriate Language
    Inappropriate Advertising / Spam
    Inappropriate Signature / Avatar

    Warning Actions:
    3 Points - Temporary ban of 1 day
    5 Points - Temporary ban of 3 days
    8 Points - Temporary ban of 1 week
    10 Points - Temporary ban while at or above point threshold (basically till warnings start to fall off)

    The exact details on types of warnings or the disciplinary actions / thresholds are subject to change as we see how effective this is at keeping drama, trolling, and other inappropriate behavior at bay. When changes occur, you will be updated as usual on our Friday updates.
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Thread Status:
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