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  1. Navarog

    Navarog Well-Known Member

    Moderator Rank Applications

    While our playerbase on Creative grows, our need for active and mature staff does as well. For this reason, we have created the new rank Moderator! If you fit the criteria and are willing, then apply. There is no need to be shy. ;) It will take a while to review all the applications, so don't fret if you aren't accepted immediately. Fretting should be done about a week and a half after applications.

    Moderator rank permissions stack on top of previous rank permissions. i.e. if you're BII and get Moderator you can still only build in up to BII world.

    Necessary Qualifications:
    • 16 years or older
      • Maturity trumps age.
    • Been on ShadeCrest for at least 6 months
    • Approval from all active Creative admins
    • Able to be online regularly
    • At least BII (VIP doesn't count)
    • Be a rad person
    • Willing to help
    • Responsible
    • Only one can live in EST, the rest must be at least two hours from EST (further is better). We need more staff to check builds while EST admins are sleeping.
    Further information about the rank (Read this):

    Application Template (Either copy/paste this or number your answers accordingly):
    1. IGN:
    2. Age:
    3. When you joined (use /seen):
    4. Current rank:
    5. Why do you want to be moderator?
    6. Why should we choose you for moderator?
    7. Timezone
    8. Times you'll be on / Roughly how many hours a week
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  2. Keldt

    Keldt Member

    1: _Keldt_
    2: 16 as of 8/12/14 (2 weeks from now)
    3: 7/12/12
    4: Builder II
    5: It sounds like a fun thing to do, it's new to me, and I care about ShadeCrest's community.
    6: I have a lot of experience with the server, and I know the rules pretty well by now. I know how to help the lower ranks out (e.g. commands, server rules, building advice, and other general advice or help), and have done so plenty of times in the past. I know what kinds of builds meet the standards of the server, and I care about the server and am invested in it doing well.
    7: EST
    8: During the school year, I will be able to get on after 3pm. I should be able to get on most nights for however long I'm needed/want to stay. That could be anywhere from 2-7+ (Though probably up to anywhere around 18) hours each week, depending on how much I'm needed.
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  3. cemeterry

    cemeterry Member

    1. IGN: cemeterry
    2. Age: 31
    3. When you joined (use /seen): 8-27-13
    4. Current rank: Apprentice
    5. Why do you want to be moderator? I like to help people out with builds and give advice on how to improve builds. I think i could really help out some of the newer people.
    6. Why should we choose you for moderator? I believe that I have enough experience building on minecraft that my knowledge with building techniques could come in handy. I am easy going and can give/take constructive criticism.
    7. TimeZone: EST
    8. Times you'll be on / Roughly how many hours a week: 7-12 possibly more
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  4. IAmTurnip

    IAmTurnip New Member

    1. IAmTurnip
    2. 17
    3. 1/23/13
    4. Builder II
    5. Because of the roles I have taken throughout school I have had to deal with a decent amount of constructive criticism, both giving it and taking it. I think that this allows me to help others in a beneficial way.
    6. For the first 6 months after I joined, I was heavily involved with the community. I became sudo-friends with many of the mods, but since then, and since some have left, I haven't been as involved with the community. I fell that if I am made a moderator, I will be able to get back into my old habits.
    7. Est
    8. After school, weekends.
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  5. GingerSwan

    GingerSwan Active Member VIP

    1: GingerSwan
    2:13 (I'm mature enough... On creative :p)
    3: 25th of March, 2013
    4: Builder II
    5: We lost a good number of staff recently, and have none in the GMT timezone anymore, I also want to help new players, and the server, out. Also, I wanna slap people.
    6: I'm on the server like, all the time. School will prevent me going on till about 4:00 or 5:00 though. I also enjoy this server to the point where I rarely play singleplayer or on other servers. I like judging builds, and giving ideas and constructive criticism to players already, being mod would give me a reason to do so.
    7: GMT
    8: Any of my spare time, ranging from 4:30 pm GMT, to 10:00 pm GMT on weekdays, and most of the day on weekends.I also go on YouTube regularly, and the Survival server. Also, I may be in England on holidays, like Easter, Summer, Christmas, etc; meaning I play on a laggy laptop without a mouse, because I can't bring my gaming PC :(
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  6. Linkasa

    Linkasa New Member

    1. IGN: Linkasa
    2. Age: 15, 16 in approximately three weeks
    3. When you joined (use /seen): March 27, 2014
    4. Current rank: Builder Two
    5. Why do you want to be moderator? I feel that i want to help other, newer members of the community, and I wish to build my skills as a leader.
    6. Why should we choose you for moderator? I learn very quickly, and I have been volunteering at various places scince 2008. Also, I enjoy the server so much that
    7. Timezone: Pacific Standard Time [-7:00]
    8. Times you'll be on / Roughly how many hours a week: I spend a few hours every day, or more if it is a weekend, but will occasionally take a day off. Also, with school coming in September, I wont be able to be on as many mornings. During the summer however, I have practically nothing to do, and will thus have more spare time for ShadeCrest.
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  7. oiShocKWavesv

    oiShocKWavesv Well-Known Member VIP

    Just so ya know, I think they are looking for specific times like 12pm - 5pm not just a few hours daily.
  8. Navarog

    Navarog Well-Known Member

    Both times and how many hours a week would be groovy. Specific times would be good too. More than just "uh times" please.
  9. Devili

    Devili New Member

    1. devili224
    2. 13
    3. Mar 22, 2013 3:54:09 PM
    4. Apprentice
    5. Several reasons 1. The Ability to use more W.E. 2. Helping new members. 3. Filling the void left by the moderators that left.
    6. I have devoted allot of time on the server so far, and I feel that becoming a moderator would only Increase this. I also enjoy viewing and judging other's builds, And I feel that my experience of building in minecraft will help other players along.
    7. GMT
    8. Allot of the time, on most days. However there are two things that may Interrupt this: 1. school, and 2. My dodgy internet (Virgin media sometimes try's to block Minecraft servers).
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  10. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

    Mods don't get any extra WorldEdit privileges. The permissions listed above will stack on top of your previous builder rank.
  11. cemeterry

    cemeterry Member

    I can be on at between 6am-2pm and in the evening 6pm-1am. Depending on when you guys need mod help the most. And that is EST.
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  12. Navarog

    Navarog Well-Known Member

    It'd be great if some Australians applied.

    *cough* I_am_dropbear *cough*
  13. I_am_dropbear

    I_am_dropbear Active Member

    1. IGN: I_am_dropbear
    2. Age: 18
    3. When you joined (use /seen): June 5 2013
    4. Current rank: Apprentice
    5. Why do you want to be moderator? I would love to help guests that log on at the times i am on, because im usually the only one
    6. Why should we choose you for moderator? I am the only one in that time slot. also i have a good history with kids :p
    7. Timezone: AEST (australian eastern standard time)
    8. Times you'll be on / Roughly how many hours a week: i have no clue, everyday at around ~4-7 i think, i don't know.
  14. Snarferman

    Snarferman Member

    • IGN: Snarferman
    • Age: 15
    • Joined on January 15th, 2013
    • Builder II
    • I am super radical, and so tubular!
    • I am willing to help at whatever the costs
    • I am very responsible...most of the time
    • Eastern Standard Time, I can be on from 8:00 am to 9:00 pm, although I might not always be on
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  15. Coolguytime

    Coolguytime New Member

    1. coolguytime
    2. 13 but I am pretty mature
    3.1st May yet I have came on very regularly.
    4.Builder II
    5.I would like to help other people on Shadecrest as it gives me a smile very time I make someone happy.
    6. We'll I come on extremely regularly, every day I can. And i think that I can help others with their needs.
    7.London, Lisbon. About 5-6 hours earlier than USA.
    8. I come on about 4 hours a day, although some days may vary. Around 28 hours a week.
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  16. Keldt

    Keldt Member

    Can I make the suggestion that Moderators also be allowed to use the commands that tp them to someone or vice versa without permission from the person?

    Just a couple of days ago someone called on Chandler because they'd had some random person go AFK in their plot and after about half an hour they were in the way. Chand moved them out of the plot.

    I could easily see this being something a Moderator has to deal with, and it's much nicer to be able to move someone than to have to kick them for idling. It's also much easier to help someone without having to sit through the /call command.

    Just a thought. Dunno if this should go in this thread but as far as I know there's not another thread concerning Mods at this time.
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  17. Yoyojoel

    Yoyojoel New Member Creative Architect

    1. IGN: yoyojoel
    2. Age: 18 sept 20th 2014
    3. When you joined (use /seen): Feb 20th 2013
    4. Current rank: Architect
    5. Why do you want to be moderator? I have been asked by a few current admins if I could consider this rank, and since i care so much for Shadecrest I figured I could help out with these small responsibilities. Hopefully I can help the server get back on it's feet.
    6. Why should we choose you for moderator? You need someone in this timezone. And you guy's know me, I'm helpful etc. Not too much of a forum writer though, as you can probably tell from this crappy application ;)
    7. Timezone CEST
    8. Times you'll be on / Roughly how many hours a week Probably once a day, few hours each. When my final year of school starts again times may vary, but unless another life crysis happens it shouldn't keep me from SC for long. I'll do my best to keep the times.
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  18. Linkasa

    Linkasa New Member

    Okay, well in that case, for now I can probably be on from 10:00 (1:00 PM EST) till 6:00 (9:00 PM EST), and another stretch from about 6:30 (9:30 PM EST) to 10:00 (1:00 AM EST) or later. However, if there's nothing really to do, I will probably just take breaks and come back every hour or so. Additionally, school will be starting in just over a month, so hours will change to 4:00 (7:00 PM EST) to 6:00 (9:00 PM EST) and then the same schedule after dinner. weekends will be roughly the same as summers, except that I plan on doing some sort of sport, and I do not know what time that will take. I'll also probably be able to be on a few minutes some school mornings. I didn't feel very much like boring you with what is practically an essay, but seeing as you asked, here it is.
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  19. Hez

    Hez Member

    2.15 (But mature enough I believe)
    3. Jan 3 2014
    5. I would Love to help this server. This is The Best server I've been on. And here I will stay. So as bieng Mod I would be able to give back to this friendly community.
    6.First and for most I am a very friendly person and am very well able to communicate with people. I'm able to keep my cool and not be biased. Also would imagine you need a Mod from my time zone.
    7. CST
    8. Ill be on usually 2 to 4 hours a day. During school year will be on during the evenings and mornings because I only go 3 days a week...

    `May SC prevail through all that I have within me` :)
  20. Stephen4705

    Stephen4705 New Member

    1. IGN: Stephen4705
    2. Age: 18
    3. When you joined (use /seen): Febuary 11th, 2013
    4. Current rank: Builder II
    5. Why do you want to be moderator? I've been on this server for quite a while, and kinda wanna just help a little bit more here and there. Plus Shadecrest is pretty much the main server I've been on as I've never found it degenerate in quality over a long period of time like I've seen other servers (unfortunately) do.
    6. Why should we choose you for moderator? I'm on frequently, and generally speaking I'm a pretty patient and tolerant individual, and I tend to check chat quite frequently. Additionally, whilst seeing griefers/trolls hit with the banhammer is always something of a pleasure for me, I'd like to try and help these fellas out if possible. Additionally, I know a good chunk of information in regards to the creative servers rules/regulations, and how the majority of things work within those servers, meaning I can either help and/or educate new players that would otherwise struggle in that regard. I'm also decent at spotting the difference between offensive language used in a malicious manner and used in a casual manner, so if I become a mod I shalln't be letting insults slide whilst banning somebody for doing the equivalence of stubbing their toe and releasing profanities from that.
    7. Timezone GMT.
    8. Times you'll be on / Roughly how many hours a week: Maybe about two to four hours a day, perhaps more on a weekend and/or evenings.
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