Vanilla: Shall we try that again?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by Keldt, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. CyberVic

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    We can setup a [Trusted] rank or something that is granted to people who are trusted to be involved in shared trusted builds. We could then setup regions and only allow those in the trusted rank to build there. Come up with whatever title you want for the rank.

    In terms of the whitelist. It's a chore to be honest. The one advantage of a whitelist is that it keeps our mcforums post bumped CONSTANTLY. But I'm working on other solutions to keep it bumped constantly across all our 3 minecraft servers.
  2. GingerSwan

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    IMO we should have:
    No PvP, unless all players within the fight agree upon it.

    No stealing, and free LWC locks. I only ever had 4 diamonds in the last Vanilla server, the poor beggar I am.

    No griefing. Creepers, Ghasts, Endermen, etc. will all be disabled (/gamerule mobGriefing false)

    No snooping about places if the owner(s) tells you to get out.

    That's all just my opinion.
  3. SkittlesQueen

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    I went on yesterday...creepers didn't leave a hole course I did just stay at the lil island that u spawn at...but we'll see when its all complete...but I wouldn't call it vanilla cuzz vanilla doesn't have plugins, which from what I've seen this will so to me its not vanilla
  4. GingerSwan

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    These are not game changers, just management improvers.
  5. SkittlesQueen

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    Still not vanilla with any type of plugins...I've played on vanilla before,its better without plugins, just need to not have asswipes on it
  6. GingerSwan

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    Wrote a big essay on this an Tapatalk betrayed me. Basically, recreating plugins in vanilla is near impossible.

    Coloured Names : 2 commands to activate. Have to add players manually to the color-name scoreboard.

    Chest Locking : Requires command blocks hooked up to a super-fast clock, and 1.8

    Leaving a modreq : Need to message staff on forums, or meet them in-game.

    Grief Prevention : The Spawn is the only protected place.

    Prism records : The server logs.
  7. CyberVic

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  8. CyberVic

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    Yeah we're calling it Vanilla+ for a reason.
  9. StephenP67

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    I don't think it's fair to call Ginger a moron. He is merely making the point that it would be difficult to meet the requirements without plugins.
  10. Rem

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    he Does this stuff all the time Stephen
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    He was temp banned from the forums and the second he got back he responded to like 20 threads inside of 5 minutes. You can't tell me he read any of them, he's just posting randomly on everything to inflate his vote count, he also is INFAMOUS for resurrecting threads that have been dead for month, possibly years with 1 liners. All of this is obvious to the community, it's annoying, and we'd rather he just stop and think a bit more before he posts random garbage.
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    No Cyber, I do read the threads I post to. "Inflate his vote count" is not a kinda thing I aim for. If I needed that, I'd just go to Facebook. That's where people go to beg for likes.
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    Well as I said before you resurrected this thread:
    This thread has run it's course, please continue to provide feedback on the official vanilla+ launch thread.