My 2 projects for Apprentice

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    I think that may have been the one place where my tex pack made it look completely different. My bad on that omne, looking back on Cem's screencaps, it looks better.

    On mine, it looked like modern lamps with a medieval road.
  2. So its okay then? I had the Modern HD texture pack from PMC.
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    no, not completely. still need to pick a style. Although leg was wrong about the roads being medieval, they still aren't quite modern. It still doesn't really fit.
  4. What was done today:
    • Attempted to fix: the hay roof, the temple, the quartz theme.
    • Completed the warp house
    • Failed attempt of a plane
    • Added a bonsai
    • Cannot decide type of plane

    • [​IMG] 1
    • [​IMG] 2
    • [​IMG] 3 [​IMG] 4[​IMG] 5[​IMG] 6
  5. Done today:
    1. Made a quartz / sandstone theme.
    2. Spent 4 hours making a Luxury Jet for the first time
    3. Made the paths on the bridges more detailed
    4. Tested with leafs on the paths in front of the contemporary warp