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    Hi Im MrWolf10 and I was thinking lately about statues and other things that could add some company or making something add a crowd to show really what a build is about and this reminded me about a plugin called Citizens. This plugin adds life size statues of entities which can walk around or stay still and can be programmed to do different things or to be in different positions. They will only go where you want them to go and this is also for other mobs and entities such as even ground items that you wish to stay in a position. this is the link and I hope you will check it out it is an amazing plugin and I know would have helped me allot with the build. It could be given to people above a certain rank such as maybe BII and up because they are on terrain world and not plots. And you can make statues of players with their title to put in maybe a jail (/museum) for all the people that have been banned over the years or can be a museum for all staff or retired staff and maybe you could get a statue of yourself if you win a competition! I really hope you add this soon!
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    Wouldn't mind this on survival but either way..sounds fun lol