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  1. TheTechGeek245

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    Which map? Peaceful
    What are the coordinates? -107, -110
    Does Prism show any data? Yes
    Do you see any locked chests or furnaces? of course what would you expect around spawn
    If so, who do they belong to? redstone_man234 Stick 303 Rockycj2000 triprex3 BalisticPipi e5105 16dusty16 airsoftking5 EgyptianMaster Nskee singe5853 gongora101 Matthew1033 endercrown3 maddox1031 clonewars890 ETC...
    What does /seen [playername] show? most are old some are recent but most manes are not even memorable
    Any other information that you can provide? I am seeking permission to clean up the area around peaceful spawn
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  2. I_am_dropbear

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    some of it perhaps, but some is still people's homes i'm sure. if they have been on in the past month, I say it's not ok. But im not a survival guy, so who am i to say
  3. Rem

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    Damn it drop!
  4. Legend9468

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    Suggestion for the addition to the survival rules:

    • Like creative plots, anymore than 1 month of inactivity, and staff have the right to delete/clear/rollback the terrain to its natural state (First terrain generation).
  5. I_am_dropbear

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    what did i do?!

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  7. I_am_dropbear

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    I'm sorry! I think...
  8. CyberVic

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    Yeah the problem with that is that survival doesn't have "plots" clearly defined that can be conviniently / cleanly rolled back. It's kind of a manual process that we do go through and clean up survival spawn here and there.

    Also one of the new rules I've been wanting to enforce is a 500 block from spawn limited ability to build. This would require people to run for a while before they would build and therefore people would naturally be more spread out (because they would run in a random direction and wouldn't even see other's builds before being able to build. This way the spawn wouldn't look like total poop and people would fan out in random directions. The direct cardinal directions would more likely have clumps though, but it's still better than what we have now.
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  9. TheTechGeek245

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    Would it be possible to set up a plugin that tped you to a random place on the 500 radius border?
  10. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    Better to make people run.

    I can see a pluggin like that being a reasonable amount of coding for the person who's making it (bc it seems like a niche pluggin.). With the new Vanilla+ server on the way, I would imagine Cyber and co have enough on their hands.
  11. TheTechGeek245

    TheTechGeek245 Well-Known Member VIP

    Who said that we were cleaning up survival and starting vanilla at the same time. We can wait till Christmas for this to happen
  12. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    My bad, people usually make requests like that to occur in the next few weeks.
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