Desert hills to be flat\ and a team?

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  1. I'm going to make the Hagia Sofia and I need some hills destroyed. I'm going 1 ft--1 block. ALSO,
    If I have a team of workers, will all of us get apprentice or architect? This is a great question if anyone is willing to help me with this massive project since I have college and it will be hard for me to finish this without it being a year. Thanks.(( Builder II))& +


    Thanks [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] Also the interior is quite bare[​IMG] [​IMG]
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    If there's a warp available, then I'll be happy to WorldEdit flatten it when I get home this evening (It's 9am for me).

    In response to the other part, if it's exceptional, then you may get apprentice, depending on the amount of people involved and the quality of the build. Generally it needs to be larger and better depending on the amount of people.
    More people also makes it harder for an admin/mod to judge an individual's building skill, which is the most important factor in promotions.
  3. Made it just now: /warp HagiaSophia
  4. I honestly think its too damn hard for me. Feet converted to minecraft blocks. If you do see it, tell me if it should be deleted and start something else. Like a Modern Desert community. then this thread can close.
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    It doesn't have to be perfect.

    While it's a large build, just focus on individual sections. Make a game plan of what you're going to do, then focus on 10% of the build at a time. I built one of the largest towns on the server. Did I do it all at once? Heck no, I made it one house at a time, and it built up over the weeks.

    Every large build is intimidating at first, but the only way to learn how to make large builds is to try it yourself. If in doubt, ask for help.
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    The way I would approach this, seeing as you already have a floor plan.

    1. Make a rough layout of the ground floor according to the plan.
    2. Make adjustments to the floor to accommodate for mc blocks.
    3. Make the shell for the ground floor. Then basic detailing (floors, pillars, rails, nothing too in depth)
    4. Rinse and repeat for the next floor up.
    5. Continue until you're at the domes.
    6. Then go back and do finer detailing.
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    You'll only be able to get multiple Apprentice promotions from it if you have set areas in which each person built. In this case, since you're basing the build off of something real, you'd have to be able to show everyone which places were translated from reality to Minecraft by which players, for each player to be judged.

    Everyone would also rather it be pretty than accurate.
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  8. Yeah, I just moved in my dorm and I cannot do circles in minecraft :confused: since this build is mostly a huge dome, 2 half domes and a couple Apse's.
    I had to divide by 2 on the height because it was so high(measurement:Feet to minecraft block), I may have to do the same for the length and width but yes, this is a massive challenge for me because of college and not knowing how to make circles(greater then 25x25/ 3D orbs. And I have to divide the blue print with who ever is willing to do this great undertaking. Most of the inside is hollow but has some Arabic written on it surrounded by flaking gold. [​IMG]
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    1 block to 1 foot is a bad idea. 1 block is equivalent to 1 metre, and a metre is 3 ft.
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    Actually, Mojang has stated multiple times that it could be either seeing as it's not real. It's whichever you prefer.
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    I like to think of it as a metre instead of a foot. Your minecraft character is just under two blocks tall, and the average adult is a bit under 2 metres tall.
  12. If I don't get help, should I just start something else that is slightly better for me? Because domes and semi domes are difficult with out knowing how to do them at all.
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    Domes are very challenging so use the site Plotz. ( really helpful and you should use it if you do this build.

    Also If you do end up doing this build with multiple people, I suggest that you add some of your own design to it. I'd rather see you add some creativity to the build rather than copy a blueprint. I feel that fore apprentice you need to show your creativity as well as building skills.

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    Qb, you made the url too long.
    Corrected version here
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    A url that's around an inch long is hardly too long. Generally any more than a half line on a paragraph is too long.

    I believe what you were trying to say is that they were using a URL in their post.
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    No, he means the URL is too long in the sense that it carries on past the bracket, and therefore the URL does not work.
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    Anywayyyy, you're both arguing the same point xD. As stated, the correct URL is
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    Fixed all urls ^^.

    Sometimes you have to build 2-4 times as large as reality, because most blocks offer so little room for detail. Other than that, you are right.
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  20. I getting a bit tied in this college work, the main dome is pissing me off and I think I may abandon this. Then have to start with a whole new idea and concept of a app build(combined). Apparently, if I choose to make another neighborhood with a lot of (stuff), that with the Italy and abstract district, will it be enough? :(