Desert hills to be flat\ and a team?

Discussion in 'Help Wanted' started by AlphaKnight495, Aug 20, 2014.

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    Why not just build something you think is cool? If you just focus on making what you like, you'll have more fun. Worry less about getting a higher rank on the server, it's just going to happen if you keep at it. (Keep asking for opinions/advice on your work, too)
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  2. lol I've been on the server for over 4 years XD Guest to BII and was happy ;)
  3. (I honestly hate this project yet I love it for its spheres yet I cannot make them and that frustrated me. So I will perhaps make another district in the desert.) Then someone has to completely remove the massive undertaking I could not take.
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    Maybe it could just be your freetime project? Most of us have a side build that we come back to time to time. It might just be the place where you experiment with different building techniques.
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    I would hate to see you quit a project so I decided to help you out a bit. Hopefully you'll continue on the project now :). You'll see what I did at the build.
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    Anybody able to post pics?
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    I just made the dome for him
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    Ok. How does the build look? Is it cool?
  9. I havent gone on yet because these professors are giving me tons of work, but the last things I did was on pmc, maybe next week Ill go on and update the pmc. Its really about 15% now:confused:
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