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  1. Disclaimer: I know I've made however many 'goodbyes' on here, for temporary reasons lasting anywhere from 2-5 months. This one is permanent and doesn't just go for the server, but for Minecraft itself. Bash on this for whatever reasons you wish, I don't care.

    I've kinda given up on Minecraft. I've been enjoying it less and less and There's just too much stuff in it now o-o I've been off of it for a good month or so and things are going bueno. My grades are 'better' and I'm spending 90% of my free time at the beach with a Go Pro.

    Video game wise I don't play as much anymore. With school, social interactions and sports, I've only got a couple hours on Friday & Sunday to play. Right now I'm sticking to DayZ and Need for Speed Rivals. If you play DayZ hit me up on Steam ( ℳҚ. GabrielSalvesen ). As for Need for Speed, I torrented it, so no multiplayer for me :<

    tl;dr I say bi to MC 5ever

  2. TheTechGeek245

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    If you play dayz why don't you try unturned so you can still play with us
  3. Dynodamon

    Dynodamon Well-Known Member

    When did you come back? Cya on your server sometime.
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  4. PieSquared761

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    Goodbye, canopenertrooper. I could never figure out how to picture your name. A trooper with a can opener, or a can opener that happens to be a trooper.
  5. Magetime

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    Funniest thing ever
  6. treyman77

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    See ya Cano, I've always enjoyed our misadventures together. I'll chat with you on steam.
  7. hywzerboydy

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    Bai Cya on steam :)
  8. GingerSwan

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    Goodbye Cano!