Vanilla's Slowed Redstone?

Discussion in 'Suggestions' started by N2Mining, Sep 13, 2014.

  1. N2Mining

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    I have noticed that a couple of simple redstone devices that I have used are running real SLOW. The one device is a simple trash can (comparator, repeater, using a hopper to make a dispenser shoot items into either a cactus or lava). I have run this same design on several servers with no problem. The redstone loop off of the Hopper triggers the Dispenser to shoot out the object to be destroyed. The redstone is so slow that the items move from the hopper before all the items can be dispensed. If I put 5 blocks into the hopper, 1 item is dispensed and 4 items are stuck in the dispenser without redstone to power it. I have noticed the same thing on two other devices.

    My trash Can is located at 2624 70 -1746

    Is this intentional? Is this related to the water issue?

  2. ezeiger92

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    Yes, related. It might be better now, I stopped dynmap rendering and removed it from the server.
  3. N2Mining

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    That did it! I like the dynmap. Are there "static" map options? Something that updates 1 per week?

  4. CyberVic

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    The issue is that we wanted the vanilla server to be big, bigger than Survival PvE or PvP combined, because there would only be one world. There isn't the luxury of a "mining" world setup for vanilla, so we had to make it big enough to last. Unfortunately that + dynmap = pain.