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Should I be promoted to Architect?

  1. Yes

  2. No

  1. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    Thread Title: SimplyGreen03

    Disclaimer: This thread is for admins and architects to post only. Please nobody else post here.

    IGN: SimplyGreen03

    Why I want to become Architect: I would love to be and Architect because that was the main thing my friend and I sought after once we joined. Also I've been on the server so long to where I feel like I need to attempt for Architect. The benefits of the rank would also help further improve my builds.

    How long I have been on the server(/seen):
    January 23, 2013

    Warps, Pictures, or Coordinates below:
    /warp SimpArch
    /warp Cityhall
    /warp SimpPunk
    -Small Builds
    /warp Selma
    /warp Simpcabin
  2. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    I'll check it out tomorrow, tonight's fairly full on for me.

    This post here is more for me to say that I completely missed the fact that the pm was a part of your sig, and not a part of your collection of pictures. Needless to say, I was confused for a moment.
  3. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    Haha, alright Legend xD
  4. qb10panther

    qb10panther Member

    Ok, congrats Simp on making some really nice builds.

    I hate to do this but I just don't feel your builds are Architect quality. While many of the builds seem really nice such I see some areas that really need some improvement. SimpPunk for example is really nice and has great potential. But as it is now, it's just too small. If you added to it and made it larger, then ya, it would be an architect build. But as of now you probably could fit it in a builder plot. Also, /warp Simparch is nice too. But there too are many areas that need improvement. The exterior is one place. Not the exterior of the cathedral, but rather what is around it. Really there is too much open room with the build around the exterior circle. This really could use some work. In addition, the interior could use some more work as there are only benches or pews in there. The same two points really go for CityHall also. As the building is really nice you didn't go past that and work on the exterior or interior.

    Really they are some nice builds and not everything is bad, but you need to make a larger project that really jumps out. I'm sure you can do it. I could talk to you in game also if you want.
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  5. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    I see, guess I just need to keep working on it xD
  6. Chandler107

    Chandler107 Member Creative Architect

    I agree with qb for the most part, from what I've seen you have improved quite a bit from some of your past builds. Warp simparch is nice, but it could use some more on the terrain around the build. Also the interior needs a little more attention. If I were you, I would just finish the steampunk build. It's a great start, and like qb said , if it were larger, it would definitely be an architect quality build. As of now, its a no for me. But don't give up on it, because you are close.
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  7. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    Thanks, I'll just keep adding to it
  8. Yoyojoel

    Yoyojoel New Member Creative Architect

    My only reason for voting no is definately terrain. Some organic cool terrain is needed to make your builds pop properly. work on that!
  9. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

  10. Navarog

    Navarog Well-Known Member

    The builds besides SimpArch are largely repetitive and not very detailed or complex. Simparch is great and would be arch worthy were it larger. I'd just work on that and then reapply in a while.