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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by AlixDanger, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. AlixDanger

    AlixDanger New Member

    Hi, I'm Alix.
    New to the server, spending some time here on my never ending quest to find the perfect server for me.
    I am a bit older than most players, 33. I have a family, including a 9 year old who loves MC as well.
    I've been playing MC for about 3 months and spent most of my time on SMP servers but have been into building a bit more recently. I am mostly on during the day (PST). Outside of MC I am an artist, photographer, general font of useless pop culture knowledge, Pug enthusiast and music lover.
  2. GingerSwan

    GingerSwan Active Member VIP

    Welcome! This is a good server, your quest to find a good one is over! We have cookies c:
  3. AlixDanger

    AlixDanger New Member

    I am awfully partial to cookies...
  4. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    Welcome to ShadeCrest Alix :)
  5. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Hehe, Don't worry man, we actually have a fairly large older player base. not that age matters on the internet :D

    You said you were a music lover; just out of curiosity do you play any instruments?
  6. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    Well, not as large anymore; but we do have consistent older players :)

  7. Aenimalistic

    Aenimalistic New Member Creative Architect

    So glad that this server has a steady influx of elderly. #oldschool

    Greetings =)