Nether Hub and Spawn Area for New Vanilla?

Discussion in 'Community Projects' started by N2Mining, Sep 28, 2014.

  1. N2Mining

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    Some Members of Vanilla+ have permissions to Build at Spawn in the Overworld and the Nether. I have already dug paths in the nether from my Portal to other people's area so we can exchange information, share resources and interact. I think that's a good thing. If we ever find any of the Biomes we are hunting for (Mesa, Jungle, and Maybe Desert) then we could build paths with portals at the end to ease transport to these areas. There are also downsides to a Hub. It makes it easier for untrusted people to get to your base and Grief. Another downside is that it might encourage someone to build near you and maybe you don't like that person. :)

    So my questions? I am not doing a poll since I want more than a Yes and a No.

    Q1 Do we want a Nether Hub?

    If yes, Anyone have opinions about where (Coords?) and what design. I was thinking a simple area, maybe large square or maybe an octagon shape, allowing corridors to be built leading in the appropriate direction. A long hallway might be a better choice since it would allow later expansion. I have been building at y = 100 in the Nether. More nether rack to mine out, but I don't have to make bridges (mostly) and don't have to mess with mobs. But I am open to other ideas. ​

    Q2 Do we want to build a spawn area?

    For those close to Spawn this would be easy, but the real question is do we want a portal from Spawn to the Nether (likely the Nether Hub). I am not going to build anything at the Spawn, or donate Bows, Arrows, and Armor from my Skellie Spawner unless my travel is easy. That means a portal from the Nether to Spawn. But if brand new players can get to the Nether without even setting up a base and quickly travel to our bases, they might decide to grab our resources rather than getting their own. While i have many locked chests, I can't lock them all. I also can't protect my horses or my enchanting table. ​

    So what do we want?
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  2. ezeiger92

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    Good god, thank you for not over simplifying this with a poll! As for griefing concerns, I've kinda shifted to vanilla and am happy to roll things back.

    All I have to add is players spawn at [0, 0], so don't set a portal there :)
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  3. Jojomojobfh

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    This would so much easier if looters didn't exist. I'm not playing vanilla too much right now since there's a creative contest and all(and my friends ditched me).

    I'm divided on spawn. On one hand, it would be great for new players and a awesome place for community events and such. However, as you mentioned, this could encourage griefers and looters. I probably won't contribute to it until I manage to secure my chests.

    As for the nether hub, I think it should only be between trusted players. How we will decide who is trusted might be a bit tricky. I personally have tons of chest unlocked, and the only thing securing them is my isolation from other players. Connecting my base to a public hub would likely result in it being looted. I don't steal from others, but others will.

    Technically it is possible to get above the bedrock ceiling of the nether, and you can still build there. Kind of cheaty but if we did that constructing rails and such would be much easier. Another benefit of this is if we do a private hub, it's harder for people to discover.

    I think the community could try and get together and try to lock everyone's chests to prevent the above problems. There's only 2 ways to do that. Gold farms are not efficient at all. Now diamonds may work. If we exploit villager trading, we can create a blacksmith that gives us infinite diamonds tools for paper. Then we could use our diamonds for locking chests.

    I could be completely overestimating the impact of looters since we do have chest locks, but we can't afford to repeat the same mistakes as last time.
  4. SkittlesQueen

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    I'm kinda against a nether jojo, sparky has his chests unlocked too, I know we can lock chests and right now sparky is busy building over on creative(building builds for survival) so he hasn't been on. So for now I say no nether hub
  5. ezeiger92

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    Then don't link your homes to it. Really simple.

    Also, portals won't send players above the bedrock layer in the nether, and the break-bedrock-with-tree thing doesn't work anymore. Getting to the top of the nether would take a potentially fatal block glitch every time.

    PS: Just lock your bloody chests with votepoints!
  6. GingerSwan

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    I think it's a great idea for both.
  7. Jojomojobfh

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    Well of course that would work, but that's beside the point. Otherwise I wouldn't be posting. I do want a nether hub. I'm probably gonna end up hiding my nether portal until I manage to lock my chests.

    Gotta get back on vanilla sometime.
  8. N2Mining

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    I really appreciate everyone's feedback and thoughts. I am worried about looters and griefers. But I also think there are some advantages to a Nether Hub that outweigh the disadvantages.

    With that said I am going to start on a nether hub. Nothing fancy. I will link my path to it. Others will be able to link to it also. I think it will be a way to connect and hopefully make it easier to play together and even do joint projects. I think its very easy to hide a portal.

    I am also going to put something in at spawn. Even if its just platform with some signs and maybe some chests with bows, arrows, and used leather and gold armor. It might give new players an advantage to help them survive. I will not place a portal at spawn.

    I will restock the chests periodically.

    I am not going to build a path to your Nether Portal. If you want to link to the Hub, give me your Nether Coords and I will give you a door way at the Hub, in the general direction of your portal.

    This will be a slow project. I don't have a ton of time and I have stuff to do at my base. If anyone has some design ideas,beyond a rectangle/ square, post them.
  9. Jojomojobfh

    Jojomojobfh Member


    I think the design shouldn't be overly complicated. I think a hub in the general shape of a circle, with multiple floors, would work well. It'll be more complex than that, but that's the basic idea. Should have space for a decent amount of tunnels.

    I'd be happy to help build/design the nether hub. Would give me something to do.
  10. N2Mining

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    I think that's a great idea. I have started to put down a square and dug out about half 4 blocks high. The area that is protected is 36 blocks by 36 and the current floor is about 103 or 107. The nether is 128 high so that gives us easy room for 2 circular floors.