Creative's Building Contest Voting (September)

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Whose plot is best plot?

Poll closed Oct 17, 2014.
  1. SimplyGreen03

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  2. Jojomojobfh

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  3. yellowkid1

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  4. I_Am_Dropbear

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  5. Dragonhunter3036

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  6. Not PBJman2790

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  1. Navarog

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  2. Navarog

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    Note: While voting, think about completeness and adherence to the theme of steampunk as well as how good the build is.
  3. Critic: I must say, even though some of the plots were incomplete. I think 2 of them had a sense for Steam punk, but they were
    just missing the metal aspect. Some looked a bit like European cottages and some had a amazing terrain aspect. Though,
    The point was to captivate the look of Steam Punk. And I narrowed it to one .:cool: Great job everyone! [​IMG]