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Should I be promoted to Architect

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  1. Aenimalistic

    Aenimalistic New Member Creative Architect

    Disclaimer: This thread is for admins and architects to post only. Please nobody else post here.

    IGN: Aenimalistic

    Why I want to become Architect:
    There are several reasons for my wanting to pursue this rank. First and foremost, I have recently been a part of a very difficult decision to close down a server that had been up and running for 4 years. It was a place I spent a lot of time and energy helping to cultivate the community and game-play experience for people from around the world. While I am glad to be taking a break from the administration and moderation scene for awhile, I do miss the opportunity to be helpful and assist others. To the best extent possible I have been doing this already since joining SC.

    Secondly, I love to build. I really love to build. I have a BFA in Graphic Design, and I work from home which allows me some flexibility in my schedule between work and gaming. In my spare time I utilize Minecraft to exercise my creative muscle as I don't currently have a proper studio at home.

    Finally, I enjoy the opportunity to showcase the builds I've worked on. I love watching people go through and find something that inspires them to try a technique or a style that they hadn't though of before. Having a spot in the Architect world (a studio of sorts) would provide more real estate to work with and build up to create something people can visit repeatedly and find something new each time.

    How long I have been on the server:
    I have been on the server for exactly 1 month today. In that 1 month I have logged over 7 Days of play time. I don't afk often (as I hope the builds I'm submitting will show) and the majority of that 7+ Days is spent actively building and interacting with the creative server community and staff.

    Warps, Pictures, or Coordinates below:
    I have several screenshots of builds I have done on the aforementioned server that is closing down, but I will stick to what I've done here at SC as going through the builds is likely a better representation of them than screenshots would be.

    My App build may be found at: /warp aenvale
    It is the first time I've utilized quartz this heavily. I generally don't care for it that much but I wanted to show some extreme diversity from my other two builds here.

    My BII build may be found at: /warp aen
    This was a pseudo steampunk-vibe build where I focused on pushing detail.

    My BI build may be found at: /warp aebi
    I was semi-inspired by the request for various survival guild halls. I had in mind something akin to Jorrvaskr from Skyrim, but only kept that image as a loose guideline.

    Regardless of whether this application is accepted or not, I intend to continue building and playing on Shadecrest. I've found this server to be very entertaining and filled with some interesting personalities that I find enjoyable and refreshing to interact with.

    Thank you for your time and consideration.

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  2. Yoyojoel

    Yoyojoel New Member Creative Architect

    I definately see the architect materials in Ae, and to me it seems that the only thing holding you back is the size of your builds. I vote yes, and look forward to seeing some larger scale builds in arch world.
  3. Chandler107

    Chandler107 Member Creative Architect

    My vote will take a few days, currently out of town...
  4. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Currently in the hospital yet again, so mine will come later as well.
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  5. Random0ne

    Random0ne Well-Known Member

    Damn it bobby, stop hurting yourself. This is your third hospital stay this year, isn't it?
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  6. Aenimalistic

    Aenimalistic New Member Creative Architect

    Hope you heal up soon Bobby. We miss you in creative.
  7. It's a yes from me. I like your style.
  8. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Know what, im going to say yes. you're a great guy and a fantastic builder.
    And yeah, if you recall during the summer when I fell ill for like 2 months, that thing came back
  9. Magetime

    Magetime Active Member VIP

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  10. Slebert

    Slebert Active Member VIP

    I am breaking this rule, simply to tell you guys you are breaking this rule.
  11. qb10panther

    qb10panther Member

    Well, honestly you are an awesome builder and the perks of Architect could only help you get better. It's a yes from me, good job :)
  12. Navarog

    Navarog Well-Known Member

    You're an excellent builder and a great community member, I think you'll make a great architect as well. It's a yes from me.
  13. Aenimalistic

    Aenimalistic New Member Creative Architect

    Thanks everyone for the votes and kind words. Much appreciated. =)
  14. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    CyberVic Can you promote Aen to architect on forums in your leisure? thanks pal
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  15. Chandler107

    Chandler107 Member Creative Architect

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  16. CyberVic

    CyberVic Well-Known Member VIP

  17. GingerSwan

    GingerSwan Active Member VIP

    Gratz Aen. :D