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    What is your IGN? NMBr2d2
    What is the IGN of the offenders? GingerSwan, TheTechGeek245
    Are there any witnesses? What are their IGN's? Myself, SpaceCadetKevin, Cerburus, Archenemy666, CharlesVane, oiShockwavesv, Mega_Spud, possibly others.
    Were any mods or admins on at the time this happened? Who were they? Space was on, but after they had been going at it for quite a while.
    Around what time did it happen? (include timezone) 3:30 PM EST
    Which rules did they break? Lots of cursing, along with a whole lot of generally annoyance to everybody in offtopic.
    Did you talk to the people who were doing the rule-breaking? What did they say? I myself asked them to "get a room" and use /tell
    Do you think they should be given a punishment for this? Yes
    Have they broke a rule(s) before? Which ones? They must have, but ban management doesn't seem to be working. Tech has 8 previous and Ginger has 10.
    Do you have screenshot(s) or video(s) of the incident (example: chat logs)? Yup is a good album.

    Now that we're through with the formalities, its really annoying when tech or ginger get involved with something, because either their lackeys join in as well, or people who just don't like them join in and it just escalates absurdly. In this case it didn't calm down like it usually does because they fed each other's flame, and refused to drop it. Even if they have "resolved" this, it is always just as obnoxious when something happens the next day and there's nobody around to stop it. I really hope that some solution can be reached for the best of our community.

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    What I have done wrong, an essay by GingerSwan

    This is the story of how TheTechGeek245 and I got into an argument earlier, and attracted both Kevins to sort it out.​

    I have recently become the mayor of PineSquare, and I have taken up the work of mayor, by continuing old projects. My new friend, crazguest888 wanted to build the bank, and so I gave him the link to my new building policy, of No Modern buildings, make it look really nice, Use plants as natural decor, make it seem seem realistically possible (Support struts, gravity, et cetera), et cetera and said "If it does not adhere to the policy, it shall be removed.", which Craz seemed okay with, stating that if it was a nice-looking build he'd be perfectly one hundred percent fine with it, which was a great thing, as I was unsure of his building prowess, as I had never seen a structure created by him before, so I was obviously unsure.
    TheTechGeek245 replied "Ginger, That's really mean.", to which I stated "You are a huge hypocrite, Tech.", as he had demolished my old house when I lived in his town (Siliconia II), as it was medieval, and his town Siliconia Two was a Modern-only town at that time (Now it is all different kinds of building genres, mostly Modern led by Tech (North) and Medieval led by Legend9468 (South)). We started arguing, and I brought up other topics from earlier, between the two of us, like when I tried to buy some quartz slabs, items and blocks from IAMWILDCAT445, and Tech tried to 1-up me, by stating that the Tech Tower buys nether quartz and other items/blocks in bulk, and does it all very professionally (followed by a "gimmie it", not so professional :p). This carried on for about 15 minutes with middle finger emoticons, Tech stating that "Your noob [crazguest888] is in your favor because you own the town, and he just followed you there after you left Mirage. Tech said I was a huge asshole and was pissing him off, craz called tech a big filthy douchebag, I told tech to 'kindly piss off', or else I'd jesus-walk across the atlantic to get to his house in Texas and disembowel him, and that I would only buy from other shops and not his, as that really bugs him when I buy from other shops, because he loses money, with the occasional "oooohhh buuurn", "Get a room", "Fight! Fight! Fight!" or "You argue like a married couple" from bystanders, like Shock, Cerb, and NMB, although NMB had told us to shut up or use /tell. I was happy to shut up, but Tech wasn't. Crazguest888 then joined in, and so did IAMWILDCAT445. It was a 3v1 (Wild Cat, Craz Guest and I against The Tech Geek) argument, and we were really tearing at it, with in-game threats, real-life threats and insults. Some people started spurting random statements and jokes like the 9+10=21 joke. Space Cadet Kevin joined and told us to stop, so we did. After he left, TheTechGeek245 messaged me "Keep saying stuff so I can get your ass banned.", and I told him that he'd regret sending me that message, and he replied "I don't care". I took a screen shot of the message, uploaded the screen shot to imgur (the picture file sharing site), and Space Cadet Kevin logged back in after hearing about this (Probably from others in TeamSpeak, I presume, as he was in TeamSpeak when I was a while before this argument started.) and I showed him the link. Cerb asked for two mutes, hold the mustard. Kevin said that cerb'd get the mustard too, and said he had a huge bag of justice, pretended to root around and then he slapped us both, nearly killing Tech, as he was underwater building a fire work barge at the Siliconia 2.0 sign underwater. He told us to stop it and leave it there so we did.
    Afterwards, Tech and I made up and he helped me with fixing PineSquare's building perms so that only Residents and Allies could build, we did some experimenting with /plot set perms, /t set perms, and so on, making sure that Outsiders could not build anywhere, but that Residents and Allies could build freely anywhere within the town, as I was unhappy and dissatisfied with how things in the town required a staff of town to set up a plot for each new person, but I was happy to just live in Mega Spud's old home, a large sandstone villa, formerly called Casa Di Mega. I offered to help The Tech Geek with his new Firework Barge project once I was done making the bank I was working on. Crazguest888 started work on the bank, which I soon took charge of, I finished the roof of the Parthenon and did some landscaping, making a square cut ugly hillside look nicer, using Coarse Dirt on the surface, as I was using a 1.8 client, which shows permadirt as the new Coarse Dirt block. Tech then continued on with his firework barge and the Tech Tower (Apartments for sale, shops, and other stuff), He suggested I should get a statue in the Parthenon, I suggested maybe a greek or roman styled one, and craz then said to make an Athena statue, like in the real parthenon I thought it was a great idea, and started looking for inspiration, and that was the end of the whole argument, until awastedlife came on, and made Tech and I write the longest essay we've ever written, or to be Permanently Banned for the rest of the server's existence.
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    I think the main thing to learn from this is that there was no need for the dispute to be in public chat. In doing so you invite others to participate and annoy those who have no wish to see chat filled with petty squabbling.
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    First of All I know this is crappy I had little time to do this and they're testing me. I may not have the correct words for my actions, but I do know that I made a bad decision. Earlier today ginger insulted me which is obvious by now, and I took it too far. I am often a little mad at ginger probably because I don't understand him that well. He has been there often doing things that I take literally.

    Today Ginger called me a hypocrite after I commented on his comment to one of his townsfolk. I was skeptic when he achieved ownership of Pinesquare (ps). I wasn't particularly in the mood to fight today, but when Ginger and myself started to point out our faults we both took it too literal. I kept going against him in chat which should have been kept private especially when he had his own town member defend himself. I even took it way too far when I insulted his buddy to get to him. I was not mature with my actions against Ginger.

    Even before the fight we had a small argument on quartz since I needed large quantities. I honestly was stupid in what I said there. I should have not said anything at all, or simply state that I need quartz instead of trying to compete with Ginger to get the same quartz. I was not thinking clearly today with my high ego trying to complete several projects at once including TechTower.

    Another mistake in my part was that I always seemed to spam the chat with my keyboard. Several people probably think that I have to reply to everything and not sit back like everyone else and play the freaking game. They also have seen me say things in caps lock which is certainly annoying to some, but my typing style permits mistakes which you may see here in this essay. I would like the public to know that I do not intentionally try to type capslock ever. It is just the product of me trying to type faster than I can think.

    Me and Gingerswan eventually sorted out this conflict a few minutes after SpaceKev slapped us. Ginger was looking for a command for his friend and I supplied several eventually giving him the right one. Which I did in local right after warping to Pinesquare with my alt home which I do not remember why I set it there. I now realize that that home may be illegal now that I am not part of the town, and I will move It if I am not banned. Ginger and I had a short conversation after finding the command and we gave ourselves up. Ginger and I both realized that we were being petty which was not a mature decision. I am happy with whatever may come in the future regarding ginger since we have been at such a close ending. I will not antagonize ginger again with my ill flavored words which was what I should have done.

    Antagonizing people is not only wrong, but it hurts your reputation. Learn from my mistake of commonly talking to people with a rude manor. I have done many bad deeds of antagonistic actions which has put me on many peoples bad sides. I am not very smart at this age for being so rude to my own people. I am going to be a good person from now on and not antagonize people. I may start to do community service to help out the people who I did wrongs to.

    As a product of this conflict, you will most likely be seeing me less in chat. I am already spending much of my time in conversations usually for town and other people who don't hate me yet. My content in chat will not contain any negative gossip if I do speak. Ginger and I will never have another conflict. We both have admitted our wrongs which list many and we wish not to point them out again.

    I personally have only known this server. I literally got Minecraft last year during thanksgiving week and randomly clicked the best server available not knowing what was on it. This community has been so kind to me and has criticized my wrongs. I haven't been the best person to accommodate this server. I believe that a ban would kill me with this server meaning so much to me. I have done many things and met many people. I believe that some may miss me If I left and never came back. I hope that Kevin will consider this appeal before I realize how badly I wrote to the topic and that I have continuous effort to stay with my friends

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    What I have done wrong

    I have done many wrong things on this server. Now that my very existence on here is at stake, I realise what a fool I have been. Starting arguments constantly, breaking rules, being a huge dickhead in general. I am truly sorry to Arch, Rem, Shock, Tech, Soph, Zeig, NMB, Pie^2 and any others I have argued with, or fought with. In general, you are all nice people, and I have just disagreed with you, and let my ego and "I must win" attitude get the best of me. Now that I may e permanently banned, I see what a... monster I have become. I hate myself right now for being so primitive and instinctive, thinking I must win every battle. I sincerely hope all of you will forgive me, but if you don't, I understand, I am a terrible human being with no common sense whatsoever. I'm the biggest fucking fool in all of the internet. I try to be funny all the time, I try to beat all of you in every argument, I'm a complete loser. Tech, I am truly sorry for constantly disagreeing with you and your modern builds, Soph, I apologize for making you hate me so much you left the server when I joined. Rem and Shock, I'm sorry for constantly breaking rules to get revenge on the two of you in pvp when I was in Pandora, And everybody, I apologize for being a whiny whingy little brat. You are all great people in your own ways. My time here on the server may be coming to an end, and I would like to spend my possibly last moments on here making up for all of this shit that's happened over the last year. I should have stayed a 2013 player. 2014 on here I just caused lots and lots of horseshit. I apologize for.. everything. Every little bit of thievery, swearing, insulting, rule-breaking and shit-stirring I have caused. I realize what I have done now that it may be too late. I only have 15 minutes to type 650 words. I feel like I may be at an end here, but I refuse to give up. I shall continue typing this until it is time. I have never written so much in my life, with that ^ essay which was on the wrong topic, and this other 1000 word one, which may be at an end. Essays are my worst weakness, but typing them seems better than writing by hand as I have horrible handwriting, and I get hand cramps from writing. I wish all of you the best in what you do, and once again apologize 10 temp bans is too much for one person. I would just love a clean slate about now. 10 minutes, here we go. I really do sincerely, from the bottom of my cold heart, apologize. ShadeCrest is the best bunch of people I have ever met on the internet, I doubt I shall come across such a wonderful, bizarre, wide, multinational and multicultural group of fantastic people again. From Australia to England, China to the USA, ShadeCrest is filled with people from many different places, not just focused on 1 place, which is what makes the internet so wonderful. You are the nicest (occasionally) group of people I've ever met. I've never liked a community so much as to stick with it as long as I have so far. I truly am sorry for all the hassle I've caused you admins, Cyber, Ezeiger, Wasted, Nava. I am also sorry to those who relied on me and trusted me. Whom I failed. Whom I owe.
    I am running out of time, I am a very slow typer, and I just can't handle this pressure. I shall see you all on the other side if I fail this. 1 minute, oh boy, let's do this. I won't be able to type the next 400 words in a minute, sorry Kevin. 20 seconds. Oh god. Well, I am sorry to you whom I've failed. I apologize for every act of douchebaggery and stupidity I have commited and I mean it.
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    I'll determine everything when the times comes.
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