Hakalu's Ban Reduction

Discussion in 'Ban Appeals' started by Hakalu, Nov 4, 2014.

  1. Hakalu

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    What is your IGN? Hakalu

    Who banned you?(use @<full username>) ezeiger92

    Why were you banned(ban message)? "You have been banned from this server for Pvp warping and being an ass"

    When were you banned? Saturday

    How long is your ban? Forever

    Can you explain what you know about the ban in more detail? Using a home to warp to get to a town. I thought it was far enough since it was ~1000 blocks away. Well, it was really just an impulse decision the ones you make without much regard. While it is no excuse to what happened...people get those days.

    Why should you be unbanned? Other people have done worse.
  2. I_am_dropbear

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    What you did was against the rules, and you should have known that. You knew what you were doing.
    Other people who have done worse have gotten banned whenever the issue was discovered. The actions of others does not take from the severity of what you did.
    I don't play survival, so I may be in the wrong in saying all this, but breaking the rules has consequences.
  3. ezeiger92

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    This makes me want to put a time limit on the ban. You thought it was probably far enough, and didn't bother checking because of a lapse in judgement. That is reasonable, and happens to everyone at some point.

    This, however, does not.

    As I eluded to in the finger pointing thread, my main concern was the dismissive nature of breaking our rules. "So what like this is the only game i play" *** tells me that you wouldn't care if you are banned. It gives me the impression that you will continue to break rules and that you will be back to do the same if we let you return. I would like you to address these concerns before I consider making the ban temporary.

    Side note, I was typing this reply and got to the point I marked with asterisks before your new post showed up. No, names of other banned players will not help your case, this is very much based on how you are acting, and not so much on the rule you broke.
  4. Hakalu

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    1) To prevent PvP warping I did build a tunnel across the major towns but Its still slow so my plans where to expand it make it larger for horses.

    2) Respect all rules regardless of what I feel about them

    3) Try my best keep a positive attitude, if not avoid going on
  5. Hakalu

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    Well...it been a while and I am not the one to be good with words so pardon the misunderstanding if any(never was good at public speaking).

    Well all I am going to say is I am not perfect. Mistakes are made.

    EDIT: Checked Ban Management and did not notice ban was removed?
    EDIT2: Just want to put "it" all behind.
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  6. ezeiger92

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    I must have cleared it at some point with other old bans, sorry for not posting!