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    IGN: nanobot104

    Why I want to become Architect:
    To begin, I have a passion for architecture. Ever since studying Ancient Rome in middle school, the art form has simply "clicked" with me. I like historical architecture in particular, such as Greco-Roman/Gothic structures. I feel that being architect will enable me to enjoy my passion more, with more powerful tools at my hands that make building easier and more effective. I've always wanted to build a replica of Ancient Rome, and I think that the commands -especially voxelsniper- that come with architect would make this project infinitely easier (and the terrain would look nicer).
    Second, I wish to take up a leadership role in the community. I enjoy giving tips and assistance to learning builders, and I think that architect really stresses this role that I wish to assume. Although one does not need a title to take up a leadership position, titles certainly promote authority and credibility in a builder. Lastly, architect is the title that I have desired most, and earning the title after many hours of hard work will make make me very happy, for achieving my goal. This may seem selfish, however everyone needs some recognition every once in a while :).

    How long I have been on the server(/seen): I've been on the server for around 2 months. Before this server, I played on Sanacraft and OneMore Block. However, when the former's community wasn't as interesting, and the latter was shut down, I decided to join this server.

    Warps, Pictures, or Coordinates below:
    Architect build: /warp Nano's Cathedral
    Apprentice build: /warp mosque
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  2. qb10panther

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    Well first off the builds are very nice and I appreciate that you stuck with this server this far. However, there are some flaws with your builds. The cathedral for example is very nice. It probably even is Architect worthy. You know what, it is Architect worthy. But the problem is, you didn't use the whole plot. You can say that you did because there is stuff there, but its one windmill, the same house copied and pasted 4 times, and the same 5 trees. It looks like you finished the cathedral and didn't want to complete the rest of the build. So you may (or may not) have just filled the space. I mean c'mon man who puts a freaking giant ass cathedral in the middle of a forest with 5 houses.

    Because of this I'd have to say no. My advice is to go with Chandler's idea and make the rest of the plot look like Paris or some Victorian styled city. Keep the cathedral and just redo everything around it.

    Good luck,
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    Alright so the cathedral is pretty nice, but I think you need to add more to the terrain for it to be architect worthy. I know you already have trees and stuff there but I would personally love to see some more buildings.

    I think something like 1700s Paris would look nice around it, you should definitely consider adding something like that. Immersion can really help builds. Simple things like shops, chimneys, or flags can improve builds drastically. <-- pictures from AC Unity, but it's the best representation I could find.

    It's a good start with a lot of potential, but as of right now it's a no from me.
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    The mosque isn't at architect level (little depth and little block variation), and while the cathedral is a nice, as others have said, it is not enough on its own so far and needs more surrounding it to be architect worthy. For now, it's a no for me.
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    Those were my trees :3