Griefing Report - Killed my Skelly Spawner!!!!!

Discussion in 'Grief Report' started by N2Mining, Nov 10, 2014.

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    ShaBobityTop found my base in Vanilla and destroyed my skelly spawner. I have Prism Records and Screenshots with the prism info, where she broke into the spawning room, then killed the spawner (I cannot show prism info for the spawner since it was suspended in air). I think ShaBobityTop was planning on taking over my base, but If he or she did, killing the spawner was crazy. It was prebuilt.

    I would like a roll back for the skeleton spawner only.

    I would also like this person banned from vanilla at least a temp ban or maybe permanent. Its stupid to kill a spawner that is set up as a 1 hit kill opportunity.

    The coords are 2650 62 -1652 That puts you where ehte spawner was, though I think it was at y62 or y=63. The Spawner was in the center. I am not asking the room to be fixed. I just want the spawner replaced, I'll fix it when I get back on.

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  2. ShaBobityTop

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    I wasnt trying to take over your base, i was traveling and came across it. There was already slight griefing so i thought that it was abandon. I stayed there for 1-2 nights and went to the skelly spawener, and when i reached the top i was instantly killed. So i destroyed the skelly spawner to see if there was anything else in there, there wasnt so i left.
  3. N2Mining

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    I don't care if you were trying to take over, but you put up a bunch of walls, which seems to be a little more than just camping out. Also, using Prism I saw no examples of blocks placed or removed by others.

    Why would you ride up in the water elevator in a skeleton farm anyway? Mine is above ground, you can pillar up from the outside. Also breaking the spawner in my farm, that I built is griefing. That was a fantastic source of XP, a Armor, bones, and arrows. Why would you destroy the spawner? Those are hard to find and great resources.
  4. N2Mining

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    Ok, I found some more stuff that you did. It seemed that you dumped 7 stacks of cobble into my Lava Trash Can in the nether. Now I am reading Prism data for this and I am not ABSOLUTELY sure that I read it correctly, but when clicking on the trapdoor that covers the lava it says that you inserted 7 stacks of cobble. Now maybe that was your excess cobble, but I think not.

    You also rode my horse into the nether and left him there.
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    ShaBobityTop Be more careful in the future. Rolled back the area around the spawner.
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  6. ShaBobityTop

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    OK, actually i didnt ride your horse into the nether, the cobble was MINE, and i threw away MY stuff.
  7. N2Mining

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    Fair enough ShaBobityTop. I suspect it was one of the other griefers. I got my spawner back, which was what i cared about. If you play on Vanilla, look me up.
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