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Discussion in 'Grief Report' started by N2Mining, Nov 12, 2014.

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    Ok, I have more griefing at my base.

    Alpha_liam destroyed multiple blocks, Pistons, hoppers, and stole one of my enchantment tables, and stole two horses - one with diamond armor. I do not care about the blocks or pistons, but I would like the enchantment table back and the horse armor. I have more horses and plenty of saddles.
    I have screen shots of the Prism data and can provide.

    Coords of the enchantment table are here:

    2663 63 -1642.

    I would like him banned (maybe from the whole server). This has sucked up my valuable time. The pistons were part of a stair system that opened into my basement. Now I am going to have to take 30 minutes to fix the damage and get it working. The Horse armor was a lucky find. I don't like to have to rebuild things or find things.

    He also wrecked my fishing shack, and now I will have to redo the redstone, which means dismantling the structure and then watching the video. Just no reason to be destructive. The shack had a pressure plate removed, allowing water to flow, wiping out the redstone. Why do that?

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    Global undo and banned ^^.
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    Wasn't he the thief on the last vanilla server?
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    Dunno, it wouldn't be surprising.
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    He is!
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