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Discussion in 'Grief Report' started by N2Mining, Nov 12, 2014.

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    This is ridiculous. Another person griefed me. I had found that PowerMS had messed up my iron golem farm, but it was an easy fix. Now I discovered that he took an enchantment table. He also went into the my nether base and dropped a bunch of stuff from a chest and from his inventory into my lava trash can. I found the enchantment table and a saddle on the floor, clearly he missed the trapdoor. He dropped stone, quartz, and 11 stacks of cobble (If I am reading prism correctly).

    I'd like him permanently banned. He was clearly being destructive. He may have been the one who stole the horse. He then went to the nether to try to destroy more stuff.

    I have pictures of the prim info this also.

    The chest locking option worked fine. none of these twits were able to get into my valuable chests.

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    Fixed. Open chests are fair game because they are a pain in the ass to roll back. Temp banned.
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