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Discussion in 'Grief Report' started by N2Mining, Nov 14, 2014.

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    I found some more missing stuff. I think this counts as Griefing. DylanMichael13 - who is my son, has a small base next to mine in Vanilla. He mined out an area, starting a large room build at y=7. When he got iron, redstone, diamond, gold and lapis, he formed them into blocks (after smelting the iron and gold) and placed them into blocks. Since he placed the blocks that should count as his build.

    ShabobityTop went into this mine and took several redstone, lapis, iron, gold and diamond blocks. I think it was around 6 redstone, 6 or so lapis, 2 or 3 diamond, and 1 or 2 Gold blocks.

    I'd like it rolled back if possible. no rush, he does not play a ton, but he was offended.

    Coords are (Removed by Random to prevent possible further griefing. For staff, the coords are added as a fake warning.) The prism data is all there.
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    How is all of this happening.... Is your home public or something?
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    Its the vanilla server, its sort of open, even though I am a ways from spawn (1700 +). I think several people found it. Maybe through the nether hub (making me rethinking the nether hub). At Overworld spawn, there is no portal to the Nether (well there is a hidden one). no one is supposed to be able to build within 256 blocks of the Overworld Spawn. But I found a portal there. That portal led to the nether hub. The Nether hub has a path to my base. That is my guess. Im going to talk to EZ to make certain that Overworld Spawn is truly protected from laying blocks by anyone.
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    Welp, random hid your coords in a warning, removed that and fixing grief now.

    Random0ne If you edit the post, I can look at previous versions to see the coords. Also, everyone can view warnings on posts as far as I've seen. lol

    Welp, ShaBobityTop. All I have to say there. I let him off the hook when it was just the spawner, but with the blocks, 7d.
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    That would have definitely been simpler lol. I kinda forgot about the post history tbh. However I added the coords as a note on the warning, which only staff can see.
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