Simp's Architect App #2 (and hopefully last)

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Should I be promoted to Architect?

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  2. No

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  1. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    Disclaimer: This thread is for admins and architects to post only. Please nobody else post here.

    IGN: SimplyGreen03

    Why I want to become Architect: I would love to become architect for two reasons now:
    1) I can't accomplish mod activities that involve WE because of the 15k block limit. The Voxel would also help out a lot.
    2) Architect was what I was striving for from the beginning, and I would love to obtain that goal.

    How long I have been on the server: Jan 23, 2013

    Warps, Pictures, or Coordinates below:
    1) /warp Simparch <--------Main build
    2) /warp Simppunk
    3) /warp cityhall
    4) /warp Amosque <--------Helping bobby on this build (not all me)

    I have other warps as well, but I don't think they would benefit me getting arch.
    -feel free to check them out.... /warp list -c SimplyGreen03
  2. Navarog

    Navarog Well-Known Member

    You've been a regular player on Shadecrest for a long time and we trusted you enough to give you moderator, so, in the social aspect of being architect, you're definitely ready.

    For building, I think you are talented enough for architect. The warps Selma, Simp Cathedral, Simp Modern, and especially SimpPunk show that you have the ability to build well in a variety of styles. The larger builds (CityHall and SimpArch) are only really decent because of their size, as they are not nearly as detailed all around as the former list of warps. CityHall is largely flat, blocky glass and cobblestone. While it is detailed in the main archways, it is not detailed in many other places and is largely a single color, making it hard to tell when depth and detail are present. SimpArch is essentially just three or four designs repeated many, many times, and it doesn't seem representative of the building ability shown in Selma, Simp Cathedral, and SimpPunk.

    While there is little that can be done to improve CityHall and SimpArch, I think that just having the larger builds is architect worthy because you have so much detail on your smaller builds. When you get architect (which I'm sure you will eventually, if not from this application), focus more on making a single large build in the middle of a town, or something along those lines. In the meantime, you have a yes from me as long as you make SimpPunk more complete, but it would help a lot if Simp Cathedral were also finished.
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  3. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    ty nav :D and I will continue to work on SimpPunk
  4. Chandler107

    Chandler107 Member Creative Architect

    Alright for the architect rank I think there are a few requirements that need to be met, or have to have at least most of them.

    In my opinion,
    1. Be able to construct a build and keep a common theme throughout the build.
    2. Have an eye for detail, and incorporate that detail into all that you build.
    3. The ability to create a decent interior for a build.
    4. Must be able to make a good terrain, and have it fit the build well.
    5. Color choice is very important, make sure everything looks well together.
    6. And last but not least, be a good community member. Polite to guests, helpful.

    You accomplish the first very well, from what I've seen all your builds have theme and aren't all over the place. As for the second, you showed me this through warp simppunk, selma, and a little in simparch. You should definitely keep working at your detail though, especially when it comes to depth. Anyone can add stairs or slabs to a wall, but it's important to have the ability to incorporate layers into your walls. Next, the ability to do interior. You seem to struggle with this a lot, so I'm going to mark this attribute off for you. You really need to keep working at it. Forth, your terrain. You seem to be decent at it, you could always learn more, but overall you're fine in that category. Fifth, color choice. The colors in your builds are good, and they all seem to go together well. And finally, a good community member. Like nava said, we trusted you enough to give you mod, and you've been on the server for a long time, longer than me actually. Most people seem to like you, the admins included, and I haven't had any complaints or seen anything that warrant any trouble with your behavior.

    So all in all, you accomplished about 5 of the requirements for me, and for that I'm going to say yes. Keep working at your interior though, its an important ability to have when building.
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  5. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    Thanks :) and interior needs work for sure, haha
  6. qb10panther

    qb10panther Member

    Well I guess I've made my decision so here it is.

    My biggest problem I see is that you don't really finish a build. You can say you do if you want but in my eyes every build is close to done, but you just give up. Don't worry, I know how boring the same build gets after a while. I've been there. But for architect I really would like to see a finished build. Here's my personal analysis of each build:

    /warp simparch. I see an unfinished build. The actual cathedral is done but the outside is very far from finished. You made mountains and added buildings but you only put like 3 in. If you're going to put them in then fill up the whole outside with them. Additionally you have a sort of nano situation going on. You put a cathedral in the middle of the mountains with a few medieval styled houses. It just doesn't fit. All in all the build is pretty decent but I'd like to see more depth on the walls.

    /warp simppunk. This build is nice but there are a few flaws. Again, you didn't really finish the build. You built like 4 houses then called it quits and put a wall in (which even isn't finished). You should try to fill in all the area inside the walls too. Even if its like farmland at least its something. The houses are nice though and I do see a ton of potential.

    /warp cityhall. This build again isn't totally finished. I know you made it a long time ago and have move to bigger builds, so I'll ignore the fact that there is just a building. So just lookign at the building it really needs some color. The shape is very nice and looks very planned out and I do like that. The whole building however is just gray. I'd like to see some more colors in there to spruce up the building. Good job though on the rest of it.

    /warp amosque. I know you just started this build and it is very nice. I really don't know how much you made in it but I'll assume a lot is your work. It's a very nice build and I see tons of potential in it. Good work with this one.

    So there's my personal thoughts. Sorry if this looks like just me rambling on about stupid things. I just got done with 4 hours of homework so I'm kind of brain dead at the moment. My personal vote is a yes though. I'd love to see more from you as an architect and maybe a few finished builds ;)
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  7. Chandler107

    Chandler107 Member Creative Architect

    Congrats man! CyberVic can you promote him on the forums when you're not busy?
  8. CyberVic

    CyberVic Well-Known Member VIP

    Gratz, promoted!
  9. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

  10. bobbylou4

    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    Simp is also creative mod btw, could use a forum tag :3
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  11. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    That would be nice xD
  12. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    where tf my architect tag
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    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

    I'm still waiting for this btw
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    bobbylou4 Well-Known Member Creative Architect

    oi get fucked
  15. SimplyGreen03

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  16. SimplyGreen03

    SimplyGreen03 Member Creative Architect

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