Tech's 2nd Annual Christmas Party

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    Yes I am already prepping for this. This year we will have more than just fireworks. You can help me out by suggesting things down below. I am now rushing to finish Techtower to build a nice Theater for you. I am accepting firework donations and I will have a system to separate each person's so I can launch them at different times announcing which fireworks are in the air. I have lots of gunpowder already provided by several stockers of Techtower to help me design a show. I have not picked a date or time yet but expect around Christmas. (Free show)

    Materials to donate:
    Materials to make fireworks

    Firework info:

    Pictures from last year SkittlesQueen

    Last year's event

    Reminder: I am taking suggestions for more events on the same day
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    tech when you mean your party you mean erik spawned a bunch of fireworks
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    Dont forget the WE in dome that he made

    I bet the admins might help out again if we ask :3
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    alright we have some firework designs accumulated now. This years Show will take place at TechTower. Spectators can get the best views from the park (floor 2), but should be able to see the fireworks around the tower. I will be alone or with a friend inside the siliconia 2.0 sign launching fireworks to produce an effective show. I have no word from the admins yet for helping the firework launch, but keeping the time at night would be the most helpful. Launch day is still not decided but expect about 20-28th
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    Firework designs almost done and starting mass production
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    Can we have this at some time between 26th to 30th? And at about 4-5 pm EST?