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Discussion in 'Finger Pointing' started by SkittlesQueen, Dec 21, 2014.

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  1. SkittlesQueen

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    What is your IGN? SkittlesQueen
    What is the IGN of the offenders? sanfrid1
    Are there any witnesses? What are their IGN's? Immortal, mok
    Were any mods or admins on at the time this happened? Who were they? no
    Around what time did it happen? (include timezone) 4:25am est
    Which rules did they break? Don't be a jerk, Inappropriate language and caps
    Did you talk to the people who were doing the rule-breaking? What did they say? told him no caps but he didn't seem to care
    Do you think they should be given a punishment for this? yea
    Have they broke a rule(s) before? Which ones? nope
    Do you have screenshot(s) or video(s) of the incident (example: chat logs)? i got 2 of them
    2014-12-21_04.17.52.png 2014-12-21_04.18.02.png
    he basically wanted banned to begin with, yes i know don't egg the kid on like i did, and my mom would have kicked his butt cuzz she's tall and she's an aries.
  2. DastardlyWhale

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    Banned. Through my phone too haha
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