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    Something which just turns off / on all the lights on your ship.
    Has some other useful sub-methods which can be used for other purposes.

    void Main()
        List<IMyTerminalBlock> blocks;
        blocks = new List<IMyTerminalBlock>();
        if (blocks.Count == 0) return;
        IMyRadioAntenna antenna = blocks[0] as IMyRadioAntenna;
        //All this works
        for (int i = 0; i < blocks.Count; i++)
        antenna.SetCustomName("Hello Galaxy!");
    void BlockToggle(IMyFunctionalBlock block)
        BlockAction(block, "OnOff");
    void BlockEnable(IMyFunctionalBlock block)
        BlockAction(block, "OnOff_On");
    void BlockDisable(IMyFunctionalBlock block)
        BlockAction(block, "OnOff_Off");
    void Beep()
        IMySoundBlock speaker = GridTerminalSystem.GetBlockWithName("Test Speaker") as IMySoundBlock;
        if (speaker == null) return;
        BlockAction(speaker, "PlaySound");
    void BlockAction(IMyFunctionalBlock block, string action)
        var foundAction = block.GetActionWithName(action);
        if (foundAction != null)
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    I'd love to understand this, I might be learning this in the future.

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