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    Shops Available Still! Take part in the player-run shopping centre.

    Shops are currently available at a discounted price:

    Deluxe 10k 5k
    Corner 5k 2.5k

    Speak to either Mega_Spud or bkoch5 to come and take part in this community business venture!

    Overview of warp market

    Example of a Deluxe shop layout

    Example of a Corner Shop

    More Information to follow.

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  2. Mega_Spud

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    I've added a Food shop at /warp market - Planning to include every food/ingredient to buy and sell here.
  3. Mega_Spud

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    List of Current Shop Owners:
    1. Zach5900
    2. msladydeath Dark_Nightfall "Dark/Death Enterprises"
    3. epic_poke8
    4. @dochalf
    5. Mega_Spud "Mega Munch" Food Mall
    6. junglecommando
    7. bkoch5 "The Log Shop"
    8. Mega_Spud "Mega_Mall"
    9. Tyffanni "Sweetie Bro & Co"
    10. Vacant
    11. Vacant

    12. supersonic90
    13. Halucination "Acme Redstone Co."
    14. Vacant
    15. Vacant
    16. Vacant

    17. joker1266 "Mining Nation Shop"
    18. Legend9468 "Ailtire Designs"
    19. Beocca "One Stop Adventure Shop"
    20. @jetpwn

    Feel free to add shop descriptions or any deals to this thread. Also, there are more 'oreshop' stands available around the warp.
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  4. Legend9468

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    Suppose I should clarify what Ailtire is, seeing as I now have a shop at the market.

    For those who remember, Ailtire was a design company I set up many a moon ago, that fell into disrepair. I overestimated my abilities (I was a newly made Arch then), and every project took twice as long to do as I thought it would.

    But now we're reborn! I have a new set of rules available instore, which essentially limits the size of a build, allowing me to build faster, and get to more clients in a set timeframe.

    Take a ticket instore via chestshop, and I'll get back to you via here on the forums. I'll be sure to check it at least once a week, so pls don't get too over eager.
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    The URL... I can't help but point it out. I'm sorry.
  6. Legend9468

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    Now occupying Slot 10 of the Market is the brand spanking new Bulk Sale shop! If you've got an excess of cobble and/or dirt, and have nowhere left to put it, then come on down and sell it to us!

    Prices are taken from the online shop averages, and rounded up! That's right folks, we've taken the average price of common goods, and raised it for your very own profit! Cobble is being purchased for 5r a stack (Average price, 3.84r), and dirt for 4r a stack (Average price 3.2). With 4 chests to fill for each, you're bound to make a profit from every venture you take underground.

    Also planning to expand to SmoothStone and Sand purchases in the future (Not atm, bc I'm poor)
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  7. dochalfday

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    Shop 4 is now "Doc & Robot"

    Currently selling Ores. Grreat to decorate your next build or to mine / smelt yourself for the xp.
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