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  1. Legend9468

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    New plot sizes, making ranking hard, and the exact nature of build points are probably more suited the a staff board, rather than a public one.
  2. Yeah, do you know the size of the builder I plot? I want to save my plot for the future world (ideas) and maybe a couple of the terrain builds before it goes in the shitter for lack of a better term. If not I have to figure out to enable my forge/schematic and copy and paste it to my own world (if that's even possible):(
  3. Navarog

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    One other way I think build points should be distributed is by building things of certain sizes. We need some reason for highly ranked people to continue building, and if things like prefixes reset after a certain amount of time then anyone who wanted to keep theirs would need to continue building.
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  4. bobbylou4

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    Before we move any further I think we should confirm some plugins that work that will do what we are looking for.

    On the note of moving some discussions to staff board, I'd really like to keep as much as this possible public, I don't think it's fair for things to be kept secret if we are going to rebuild this server as a "team"
  5. Legend9468

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    We could always go according to binary for plot sizes.

    Guest plots can be 100000 x 100000
    Builder I plots can be 1000001000000 x 1000001000000
    Builder X plots can be 100000100000010000000 x 100000100000010000000
    Apprentice plots can be 100000100000010000000100000000 x 100000100000010000000100000000

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  6. qb10panther

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    Personally, I think plots would be nicer if they were odd numbers. It allows you to build large structures in the plot and they will be odd sized buildings/centered.
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  7. StephenP67

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    I was thinking about the team builds. What if we had some ongoing theme like Game of Thrones? We could work on one kingdom at a time and put them up as adventure maps on PMC. This could help attract people who want to come and check out the maps and get people on creative who want to help with the ongoing kingdoms. Might help get people invested and keep an ongoing population?
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  8. qb10panther

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    I like the idea of the team builds but WesterosCraft is already building Game of Thrones.
  9. Random0ne

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    I hate to be "that guy", but those numbers would come out to be 32, 4160, 1065088, and 545325312. I doubt you're looking to build a multitude of server maps in one plot, so I believe the numbers you're looking for are 100000, 1000000, 10000000, and 100000000.
  10. Legend9468

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    The online calculator lied to me D: I couldn't be bothered doing it myself, so I typed it into an online one.

    My statement stands though.

    I understand where Stephen's coming from. VoxelBox does similar. If we were to do something like that though. I would refer to an idea I had something like 8 months back. Make a terrain world without flying. Towns would need to be connected by realistic roads and rails, and also have their own infrastructure on top of that )food, waste disposal, etc(. No major towns without planning permission, and cities would be team efforts.
  11. GingerSwan

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    Tamriel. We must do Tamriel from TES!
  12. I_am_dropbear

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    I haven't had time to read everyone's idea's so far, so i may just be repeating.

    - I love the idea of smaller plots, it kinda makes good plots more of a challenge in itself (also app plots are annoyingly big)
    - It should be quite easy to rank past guest and become builder (but from there it can be harder) (i've seen servers that give the first rank by voting, which works quite well (also they have 1 MAIN voting link, easier for a quick vote here and there))
    - the other servers i have seen have a lot less ranks (only 3 building ones (guest, member, builder) but were thinking of maybe adding more as builder became kinda easy to get)
    - as tech said, people should be able to add others to their plot should they wish. This could still get them a rank-up, but only to the plot owner and it'd need to show the plot owners skill (quality over quantity)

    This may be a lot to read so i'll sum it up:
  13. I_am_dropbear

    I_am_dropbear Active Member

    quality over quantity in ranking up
  14. Navarog

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    The first rank, in this case, should not be building-skill based. Otherwise the first world is going to be full of horrible builds and people will get angry when they can't rank up again. Having it voting based would get us more votes, which would be good, but why do we need a rank that is easy to get if we are just going to make all subsequent ranks hard to get? We already have a quiz-gate which prevents spammers from getting in too easily.

    Fewer ranks would mean less progression, and our main issue atm is progression.

    Adding players to plots makes giving people ranks a pain in the ass. We want to make things harder to attract more skilled players, not make things easy for 10 year olds who just want to build boxes with their buds.
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  15. SimplyGreen03

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    Every rank-up should be based off of skill in my opinion.
  16. Legend9468

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    We've had adding players to plot for quite a while now in any case. How about adding a clause which states that only the owner is eligible for a rank up for a build? Unless the build is 95% the other person, then it should eliminate a potential grey area in the rules.
  17. Building for a rank up should be based on Creativity, Custom Terra, Detail, along with their skill for the plots. We want to be able to strain by them by their skill, and get a steady flow as well. The hard part was just getting them to join. It just may be that almost half the creative server are middleschoolers and cannot join because they simply cannot. The influx of players always goes up during the Summer May, June+. Plots are more organized and simple, but the ideas of having a terrain world are some what better. Like some of you said, Building off of the terrain really does effect the build as a whole.
    :cool: I do agree if there is Mini-games such as Mob arena(waves of mobs till team death), Capture the Flag, Team Death Match(PVP on custom maps like you would see on Call of Duty. Multiple maps to choose from like a vote from 12 people), and another one I can't think of right now. (((What is the situation with the terrain world. And when will the builds be in fact in the 'showroom' of builds that players want to save)))
  18. bobbylou4

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    Popular to contrary belief, we usually do not get a player "boom" at the start of the summer, the server typically is less active the first few weeks and then it's regular players and then some came back later in the break when they get bored of being outside,however, this is just MY observation, correct me if i'm wrong. We always anticipate it happening, and it doesn't.

    On the topic of ranks, I personally think we should reconfigure the way the guest rank works. Earlier in this thread I saw somebody said something about voting to rank up, I like this alot. we could allow new players to build on their plots before they vote, but they would not be able to rank up. So, add something before guest, that would act as a "welcome to the server" rank. I feel this would be effective because people generally feel some amount of gratitude when achieving a new rank/level, no matter how small, thus forth I think this simple action of just voting and getting a rank, resulting people being happy about getting a rank, would hook people. A counter to this idea; people are too lazy to vote. a response to that, we don't want lazy people. we want creative people who aspire to be better and build amazing things.

    TL;DR If my tired brain caused that to make no sense, new rank in which you start out with when you first join the server, like guest. you can build, but not rank up. you must vote to achieve the first rank, then everything else would be left alone.

    One last tid-bit about vote points. what do you guys think about people being able to buy ranks? it would be very pricey of course. this would allow those people who just can't rank up to have something to work towards. Instead of getting discouraged and stop building (which they probably still will) they will have another alternative to work towards. of course all the building required to gain those points would/should result in them gaining some building skill, looping it back into us wanting a skilled server.

    I apologize for anything that doesn't make sense, it's late and I've been working since 5 a.m. please ask me to restate something if you don't understand.
  19. Legend9468

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    I feel like directly making people vote in order to rank up can be seen as a bit of a wibbly wobbly thing. Instead I propose a simpler suggestion, from another thing I've said in the past. Make modreqs cost votepoints. It means that there's not a direct vote to rank up system, and doesn't make us look like vote-whores.
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  20. Buying ranks kinda sounds like the past people with VIP I, II III etc. but they had the ability to use W.E. . True voting is boresom, but what is the NOW, what is happening? This is all talk at the moment and action needs to be voted upon NOW! I agree to all above except the disagreements.:rolleyes: