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    I like the idea of having a "Welcome Rank". This kind of reminds me of survival where they can be seen as a part of the community, not just a guest. Buying ranks sounds god-awful though, I'd rather have the server ranks obtained by skill not pay-to-win. If a builder comes to a higher ranked person and says, "Hey, can I see your build" and the person that got their rank through build-points doesn't have a decent build it could seem a tad unfair.
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    People being able to buy tough ranks cheapens the rank for those who have the actual ability. i.e. someone without $150 lying around is very skilled and works very hard to get architect, then some 8 year old buys the rank for $150 because his parents dgaf, so now an 8 year old who can't build gets to be in architect world and has not had to work for it. I am not for people being able to buy ranks or WE.

    Votepoints for modreqs sounds amazing though. It would limit the amount of modreqs people could do in a row based on time and get us votes.
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    We need to set up a list of things you can purchase with build points. Also, should they be purchasable with money?
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    I like creative
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    What do you mean by money? Like IRL money?
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    Yep, but that would probably go against EULA probably
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    I said probably twice...
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    I can't find it now but I do believe Eula states you cannot trade hard currency for soft
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    Yeah, that's against it.
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    Dokey okey then, so most of these are fair simple to implement (altered plot sizes, doing away with terrain world, inserting freebuild world), as they are just alterations upon preexisting concepts.

    The thing which would present a problem is the build points thing. To this, I ask the codemaster of the server, ezeiger92 two questions.

    1. Is inserting new rewards (trails, particle effects, etc) as simple as finding a compatible pluggin with the forge/spiggot server files, then just copy and pasting? Generalising, but you get the idea.
    2. How difficult would it be to implement the build points idea with the rewards. Is it a simple matter of doing "Player x wants to run command. Does player have enough points to run command? Deduct points from Player x. Add reward to Player x"? Or is there more to it, with more quarying the server, line of code, java buzzwords which make it seem I know what I'm talking about.

    With these two things sorted, then the revival effort shouldn't take too long at all.
  11. Legend9468

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    I believe that most other goals are secondary until the build points setup is established, and the rest are just administration alterations, whereas this is the only new game changer.
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    Personally, I don't like this idea of "build points". It seems corny or something, idk, just something about it is quite unappealing.
    Also, I reckon Builder2 (or whatever we decided to call it) and above should be able to do /nick. This includes the "&[]" colours. It is quite fun to see on other servers and each person can have a unique way of colouring their names. the ranks can be displayed with icons to the left instead of the colour of a name (ie, [A]). It's just fun
  13. I_am_dropbear

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    and cause if you accidentally get it wrong (which is easy to do) it shouldn't cost money or "build points" to change. i guess it could cost "build points" to unlock the ability in the first place... idk
  14. ezeiger92

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    If there is a plugin doing X that uses permissions (most of them), it will work. Also, not forge, just *Sigot. Purposeful typo on their end.

    @build_points = query(@db, 'SELECT [something i dont know]');
    if(@build_points > 1234)
        query(@db, 'UPDATE [remove 1234 points somehow]')
    Requires code, but is easy. I could make a config loader to read files like this:
      runs: 'particles on'
      cost: 200
      runs: 'say $1-'
      cost: 2000
    # # # # # # #
    # Template
    # 'new command name':
    #   runs: 'command to run'
    #   cost: cost for running command
    ## $N grabs the N-th parameter [starting at 1]
    ## $N- grabs from N-th parameter to the end [$1- is all parameters]
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  16. CyberVic

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    This is very similar to the command helper customer plugin we build for our pseudo Vanilla server, allowing people to lock chests with vote points. We very easily could do something similar where you could do a whole host of special commands using vote points or some other earned in game currency.

    Note that as others have stated, I think it's against the EULA for this to be something people can PAY IRL money for.
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    I meant to say Bukkit/Spiggot, my brain kinda derped bc I was telling myself not to say forge because that's wrong.

    Well, now that's the primary issue solved that I can see, the rest is just technicalities and specifics.

    If anyone wants particle effects, or other neato things in exchange for votepoints, then just go ahead and find a relevant pluggin and post it, a short description, and why it would be good to have; on this thread.
  18. Minigames FTW #Russianspy
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  19. Legend9468

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    Minigames = Survival server events = More work for whomever has to create them = No long term benefit for the creative server

    You'd also need to elaborate on it further anyway. Just giving a title has no use to anyone. We need specifics, like what minigames, which pluggins, how would they help?
  20. Navarog

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    ezeiger92 set up a sweet Trello board that I've updated with all of this Creative Revival stuff. Sometime in the net few days I'll set up a Google form for voting on controversial issues.