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Discussion in 'Creative Server Suggestions' started by bobbylou4, Feb 22, 2015.

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    If we're looking to get the museum world, then might I make the suggestion that it take the place of the current Architect terrain world? Hardly anyone uses it, and it's really just taking up space atm. We could easily revamp it for the museum world/ build islands.
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    But im building there D:
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    Killor your build wouldn't be that hard to move to another spot
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    I think it would be wise to keep that world so if/when architects come back they have a space to build
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    We already have 2 architect worlds (Architect, and flat_arch), and half the active Arch's use the 3d pixel art world anyway. I'm not saying we should do away with an Arch world, more we just look at what's being used.
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  8. *Sits at huge oval table hands clasped, looking pensive* "Build points should called 'Shade Points', and that form above is great". Or that sounds too much like in-game credit. ($)
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    Dont know if this idea already came up, but we could make some kind of "Best of"-Map. The best builds from SC (and there are plenty of really good builds here) all loosely connected in one World. Then post it on PMC. Maybe it would boost the server popularity a bit.
  10. So I posted this. Which I still think makes a lot of sense.

    Then nav posted this. And it also make sense.

    And then I found (and used this) and it makes a lot of sense. Worth taking the time to watch. May change the way we let players protect their land.

    Everybody can make their own land claims. The land claim is able to be modified at any time, and consists of a limited number of blocks. The player can modify the dimensions and size of their claim to their own desires (aka the claim doesn't have to be a square of a set size)!

    The size of the claim can be increased through methods such as (1 minute played = 2 more blocks added to that players claim limit).
    Other methods could be through increasing claim size through voting, or ranks, or in game money, or however else you want to do it.

    A players land is protected and cannot be maliciously griefed. I tried out this protection plug in on another server and I really enjoyed it. Knowing the amount of land you can 'own' is proportionate to the amount of time played was another incentive to stay on longer. Thoughts?
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    I'm pretty sure we used to have that plugin on the server and it was really unpopular among the players. I could be wrong though.
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    It does sound like a nice way to reward ontime.

    Unless you had an admin shop type scenario where you have to buy your building materials. You could earn money by ontime, ranking up or voting. If you had a skyblock style plot you could chose to build up or out if you wanted more room.
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    I believe we had some land claim system for a while but it was not mandatory, so no one used it and it was ignored when people did use it. It disappeared during an update (if it ever existed).
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    Form came up with these results:

    The most popular Builder2 rank name was Novice
    There was no consensus for Build Points besides the name Build Points (that's a horrible name, I may veto you losers).
    Here's a pie chart for the other Promotion Tracks:
    Soooo many people wanted a redstone world. If we're choosing two, then redstone and organics.

    If you are a mod or admin and don't trust me then you can pm me for the original form data. :D
  15. I love land claims
  16. A360P

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    Hi there, is this still a thing?
  17. bobbylou4

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    Not sure honestly, Navarog has been busy lately so nothing has been done.I'd love to see this stuff implemented.
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    If there's anything that needs to be done build wise that hasn't been started let me know, I have time on my hands atm.
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    Is this still going? I would love to get creative going again.
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    Reading part of this, removing the terrain world would just kill most builders including me. As a builder of ships and airship, I cant fit them in a plot. In all removing the terrain world would kill alot of players off.
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