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Discussion in 'Good Byes' started by ezeiger92, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    I've been relatively quiet about this, but it has been a long time coming. I chose a lighter course load at college this semester to decompress, as well as free a little more time for ShadeCrest. My goal was to get our staff excited about the server again, because aside from our new mods, staff activity has been heavily lacking. What ended up happening, unfortunately, was I put in more work, and our staff became more distant. I feel like I have to clear my project ideas with multiple bosses, and then end up working alone. We used to be a team, and now we barely speak.

    What I've needed for the past few months is an admin that cares about the server, someone I could have talked with about scripts, plugins, config files. I've come to the conclusion that no such admin exists. Instead of colleagues, I see hurdles. I can't administrate a server by myself normally, so when you include roadblocks and "discussion threads" about every little proposed change, it just amplifies the problem.

    I've run out of optimism for this place. I don't think it's capable of the dramatic change needed to survive, let alone be successful. Hell, CyberVic thinks Minecraft itself will be dead within the 2015 calendar. There are just too many people with ideas, and too few that will act on those ideas.

    I don't know if I've just been delusional, thinking I could fix enough server problems and the staff would suddenly come back. I certainly didn't fail for lack of trying. Either way, it comes down to this: after over three and a half years on this server, I'm leaving. I've had ups and downs on here, been demoted and promoted more times than I can count, found trustworthy friends, but ultimately I'm out of steam. I don't feel like spending any more of my time here.

    So, with a heavy heart, I'm saying goodbye to ShadeCrest.
  2. NMBr2d2

    NMBr2d2 Well-Known Member VIP

    Thanks for devoting more time than you ever had to to our community. You kept us at near-full speed for a long time, you did more than what was expected. Good luck.
  3. ndvenckus1

    ndvenckus1 Well-Known Member VIP

    I really am sorry I haven't been around as much as you would have liked. It's not that I don't care about the community and the success of our servers; I still very much do (though I admittedly haven't had as much of a personal interest for Minecraft lately outside of plugin development). But between academics, athletics, work, social commitments, and my education outside of school with regards to computer science, I honestly just haven't had time.

    I check the forums obsessively everyday, and the reason I always ask you to give me status updates on your projects is so I can see the changes you're making, see the general direction you're moving the server toward, and give my input, since I don't normally have time to directly see these things in game -- not so I can control your every action.

    I understand your sentiment that you've been in this alone for the past few months, but you must also remember that a few months ago is when I got a job and track season started back up, and when Cyber got a more demanding position at work. I speak for myself and I'd like to think Cyber when I say: it's not that we don't care.

    It comes from the bottom of my heart when I say that I'm ineffably appreciative of the work and care that you've put into this server in the time that you've been here (and especially in the last few months), and though we haven't always gotten along, it's a shame to see you go. I just wish you would have openly voiced your concerns earlier on so we could have at least attempted to resolve them.
  4. SkittlesQueen

    SkittlesQueen Active Member VIP

    But Erik!! You can't leave! I gotta have a test dummy manager! Especially when I'm just now returning...but yeah I've noticed huge drop in players and staff...everyone ran to ftb or steam or to rl....I'll miss you alot erik...you were and always will be my most favorite...do come back when you wanna

    follow the buzzards...Don't be afraid, let's go
  5. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    Dah rubiks cube doh
  6. Slebert

    Slebert Active Member VIP

    You were one of the people who did the most work on this server. You did things that people never saw or new you did. You will truly be missed man. I have a large amount of respect for you and think you are a great person. I think most of the Community, and especially the Staff have gotten bored of Minecraft after 3+ years of play. Minecraft will live on via kids, but I believe the older ages have grown tired of it.
    Add me on Skype if you want: uberslebert

    You will be missed my friend.
    I wish you the best of luck on your future endeavors.
  7. Xanna01

    Xanna01 New Member VIP

    Bye Erik. I know we haven't talked much, but I would just like to say thank you. Thank you for everything that you have done for this server. I also feel that Minecraft might be over in the coming year, as I have been getting bored of it lately as well. Anyway, bye Erik, you will be missed by most of us on the server. I hope you have a nice life! :)
  8. Legend9468

    Legend9468 Well-Known Member VIP

    Never really good at these things.

    So, I suppose this is goodbye for now. Although I doubt this'll be the last I'll ever see of you (If I haven't already, I'll add you on steam).
  9. SpaceCadetKevin

    SpaceCadetKevin Well-Known Member VIP

    Do stop in the teamspeak from time to time.
  10. StephenP67

    StephenP67 Well-Known Member VIP

    See ya Eric. Sorry to hear you're feeling burnt out. Thanks for all your efforts.
  11. Mega_Spud

    Mega_Spud Active Member VIP

    :eek: Bye Erik!!

    You really have put in 110%+ .. Thanks for all your hard work, and for answering all my many questions :D I've learned a lot from you..

    Take Care.. ;)
  12. GingerSwan

    GingerSwan Active Member VIP

    Bye, Erik. Sorry for being a dick all the time, I really respect the work you've done for the server.
  13. Rem

    Rem Active Member VIP

    OMG I FORGOT ABOUT CARPET BOMBING! Giving credit to Erik for that
  14. CyberVic

    CyberVic Well-Known Member VIP

    Erik, I've always been around to discuss plugins, scripts, etc. Not sure what hurdles you've referred to because I've backed almost every idea you've had. I do acknowledge there has been lack of support of other staff recently, I myself have been VERY busy with work and barely have time to play games recently let alone administrate them.

    I think you are being a bit harsh on yourself and similarly on staff. You've put in a lot of effort. Yes, we are lacking staff that has the skills and capabilities to sit there and dig in and write code. Not just "maintenance" administration, but writing code. Sure we have a couple of people who can, but not at your or my level. Unfortunately it's hard to find new people like that (as we've discussed) and unless the server dramatically shifts (as you've suggested) in how it's marketing itself and attracts a new huge set of players with those kinds of talents, therefore ending up getting new staff with those kinds of talents, we will continue to go down a path as you have discussed.

    I know you likely won't even read this message because unlike 90% of people here when they say good bye they don't mean it, where as you do. If you do read this message, I will follow up with you. You are good people and would like to leverage your talents and well, continue to work on projects with you. What will you do next? Will you break from Minecraft? Will you find another Minecraft server? Will you move onto another game you can help write stuff for them?

    Let's talk.
  15. PieSquared761

    PieSquared761 Well-Known Member VIP

    We may have had our differences, but there wasn't a moment where I didn't have respect for you and the work you did for us. Thank you so much, and good luck.
  16. N2Mining

    N2Mining Member VIP

    Good luck and thanks for all the hard work you've done on the server.
  17. ezeiger92

    ezeiger92 Well-Known Member Lead Admin Survival Admin

    Thank you all for the support, I wouldn't have stayed this long without you. This thread was, what I felt, the only chance I had left to tell the staff there is a serious issue. My goal was to cause a change in the activity of staff, specifically admins, so that the bulk of server work does not fall on one person (as it had for me). When I had too much work to do, I didn't see people stepping up and helping, the server just fell behind, having broken features and outdated plugins.

    I just finished an hour long skype conversation with CyberVic, where we talked about all the issues worrying me, as well as the state of the server. We talked about the impact of this thread on staff, which included 2 promotions to admin and a general promise of more activity, and in the end he asked me to stay.

    I will.

    It's kind of ironic, after how much trouble I've given other players for leaving and then returning immediately, that I pull the exact same stunt trying to get attention. My justification is I wasn't trying to get attention for myself, rather for a serious staffing problem. Also, before Cyber talked with me, I was willing to stay away for the chance that this thread would do it's job.

    Again, thank you all in the thread, I hope it doesn't annoy you that I'm returning after only 45 hours.
  18. SpaceCadetKevin

    SpaceCadetKevin Well-Known Member VIP

    Why you hypocritical sonuvabitch...
    Good to have you back.

    Sent from the Space Phone.
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