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Discussion in 'Shop and Trade' started by qb10panther, Mar 22, 2015.

  1. qb10panther

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    Ok, so it seems that I am the mayor of a town. I don't play on survival enough to even want / be able to manage a town so I decided to give it away for free. To make this fun I'll make a little contest to select a winner.

    To be entered follow this layout:


    Then answer this question: Why is qb10panther cooler than Navarog?

    The best answer wins. I'll decide the winner after a week.

    Good Luck and Have fun :D
  2. PieSquared761

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    IGN: PieSquared761
    Why is qb10panther cooler than Navarog?
    Well, this is a gamble but... because Navarog prefers 7up over Sprite.
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  3. Aenimalistic

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    You giving away Navalon?
  4. qb10panther

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    Yea. I don't want it so I figured someone who wants to be a mayor should get it.