Well, this is it guys.

Discussion in 'Good Byes' started by BurningIce2, Mar 31, 2015.

  1. BurningIce2

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    I am finished with Shadecrest. I know, I haven't been very active lately, simply because I can't motivate myself enough anymore to go on and do stuff.
    Saying that, I'm kinda getting bored of Minecraft in general. I may have not played for as long as some of you guys, but I'm getting the feeling that it's time to move on for me.

    Thank you so much Mega_Spud for being an awesome friend and letting me in your town. I really appreciate how nice you were to me. And that goes for all of you. This was the first and only server I know that really had a community, and that's why I stuck with it. I might have been very young when I joined compared to the average of the server, but I really enjoyed my time here.

    I might still stay on the forums for a while, but I fear that I will slowly fade away there too. If any of you guys want to contact me somewhere else, here's my steam ID: BurningIce2

    I will give most of my belongings to Megaton, as a little farewell. Also, feel free to take anything in my chests, I will be unlocking them soon.

    Stay awesome guys. You have been during my stay on the server.
  2. StephenP67

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    See ya cida. Take care and thanks for being Shady :)
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  3. Mega_Spud

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    Aww you've always been fun to be around. Sorry to see you go, but thanks for all the laughs.

    Take Care,
    - Mega
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  4. Xanna01

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    Farewell, my friend.
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  5. BurningIce2

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    You can take away my house from the town, I am not very attached to it :p it somehow turned out a lot worse than I had in mind.
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