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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CyberVic, Apr 2, 2015.

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    1. Oyxgen has dramatically changed the survival experience
    2. Not sure people enjoyed meteors and they caused problems
    3. Unlimited universe has been problematic for the server, unplayable

    So I suggest we reset the server to a new map and put some far, but set limit like 250,000km
    We enable all the oxygen options to require people to manage oxygen to survive including the new stuff related to medbays, etc.
    We disable meteors
    Keep cargo ships disabled
    Re-evaluate our plugins
  2. cerburus

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    I agree, at this point, just about anyone who logs in that is already established is going to be screwed since we don't have oxygen tanks anywhere and wouldn't have the time to make them anyway, let alone build the infrastructure to produce them and the oxygen as well. I also think the asteroids should be turned off, at least for the time being, since we all have to adapt to this new survival mechanic. The last thing we need to to have space rocks thrown at us while we are all trying to remember how to breath. As for the reevaluation of our plugins, i have gone over just about every workshop mod there is and have come up with a few additions that may work well for our server, as well as some amendments to our current mod list based on usefulness, KEEN updates, and a few other variables.

  3. CyberVic

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    By asteroids you mean meteors. Yeah I agree. The whole purpose of meteors was to add more survival aspects, but oxygen definitely makes it hard enough.

    In regards to Darthbiomech, he is intending on continued work on the Hydroponics system. If we're removing advanced life support, maybe re-add hydroponics. I am collaborating on the coding of the mod. I think his intention is for it to be a VERY VERY slow oxygen generator that doesn't require ice, it's just plants that are slowly making O2 from CO2.

    NASA blocks I will keep because people like those blocks and they do get used, same with Shadowflux.

    FTL and Stargate I think need to be reconsidered especially since for now I plan on limiting the size of the world for sure.

    I like the idea of the scaling machines. It definitely give people more options than just having a LOT of the same machine and in theory that scalability proves better performance than people just having let's say 50 refineries or something crazy. Similar in concept to issues we've seen time and time again with people using too many of the same very simple machine in FTB.
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  4. cerburus

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    Yeah, I meant meteors.

    After looking somemore, I found out the refinery Isn't as buggy as I thought so, if we are going to look at higher throughput machines, we could get it.
    Refinery Only:
    Refinery and Assembler Paired:

    I also found this addon:
    It's a bit more than just a refinery and assembler but its along the same vein of higher throughput machines. Be warned about the XL pack though, it has some larger tools like drills and welders, and we all know what those can do to sim speed.

    At some point later today, I am going to be looking at these mods to see if there are any issues.
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    Oxygen has been temporarily shut off because as of right now it's consuming ice at an insane rate.