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    After a break away from the game I've had a rethink about some of my priorities, and it's time for me to say goodbye.

    Initially I didn't think I'd write a goodbye thread, but I feel I need to make this a definite goodbye, as it seems that this cool game and great community is too much of a distraction for me.

    I'm not going to mention names, there are too many, but I want to sincerely say Thanks to everyone who I've adventured with and had a laugh with here. I've had some genuinely great times playing with you guys.

    Special thanks to all the ShadeCrest staff who have taken the time to help me learn the role as part of the team. I appreciate the time and effort put into setting me up as a staff member and helping me learn how things are run. I'm sorry to leave so soon into being made admin, but it really has been a real insight into how much hard work goes into running this friendly server that so many people call home :) and I wish it every success.

    Kind regards and best wishes,
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    good bye, you've been a great friend and amazing admin, I'm sad to see you go :(
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  4. Xanna01

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    :eek: Mega! I'm so sad that you're leaving. :( Thanks for everything you did to help the server! You were a fun person to play with! Have a nice life! ;)
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  5. ezeiger92

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    You're welcome back any time, mate ^^. It's been fun working with you, definitely a hit to have you go, but life comes first.
    Take care of yourself, you crazy talking potato :)
  6. SkittlesQueen

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    Awww mashed potato I'll miss ya...who's gonna look after ya town and all your stuff? Do come back when you feel like it. Hugs

    follow the buzzards...Don't be afraid, let's go
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    Bye Mega, good luck in your future pursuits.
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    Good luck with everything!
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    All the best Spud, enjoy the real world.
    It was fun playing on Shadecrest with you.
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    Aww see ya Spuddy. Thanks for all your efforts in keeping ShadeCrest going. Take care and all the best afk.
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  11. ndvenckus1

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    In your short time as an admin, you were definitely one of the most hard-working, dedicated, and friendly people we had around. Goodbye and good luck with whatever you end up doing :)
  12. bobbylou4

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    goodbye friend, sorry I couldn't be around more to chat with you :( you will be dearly missed. you really are a great guy, keep in touch, don't be a stranger.