Mini Ships (SANCHINCORP(hoverbike))

Discussion in 'Requests / Reports' started by Biospud, May 18, 2015.

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    Saw the caps in the thread title, just about deleted on reflex thinking it was spam xD
    Sorry for offtopic, felt the need to say it
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    Didn't even think of the caps... was copy and paste from the mod page itself. My bad. I'll think about that in the future.

    My favorite mod to date.
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    This is an interesting application of this mod.

    Honestly the name of the mod at this point is misleading. It should be called thee "mini ship" mod. If other people find this interesting, I'll throw it on with this weekly update. It seems very good for making all kinds of very small ships designed for single person transport, scouting, etc.

    I like the idea that you could in essence design a ship that is linked up to a coms satellite using laser communications, then pilot that ship to some extremely distant location, it would then deploy a rover which would also talk back to base via laser communications and would "and on the surface of some foreign body. Basically you could do a completely pointless, yet fun rover mission.

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    My favorite use is micro drones. You can making construction drones that can travel anywhere a player can.. or combat drones that could sneak right into an enemy bridge
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    Oh and there's a mini gravity module for small ship gravity. Great for construction sites.
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    When you update that patch you should add this... Most of those assholes already want it, they are just to lazy to come post it here. At least 6 of us and really it'll be all of the server regulars for sure.
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    Looks cool, I'm all for it
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    Uggg I forgot to add this yesterday. I will add it tomorrow or late, late, late tonight after everyone is off. I'm a tad buy today.
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    That's cool Dude. There's no rush with SE. I got faith in ya.