Server Clean up maybe...

Discussion in 'Requests / Reports' started by Lothaar, May 31, 2015.

  1. Lothaar

    Lothaar Member VIP

    Server seems a bit chunky lately. Even suiting out to nowhere off grid from anything sim seems stuck around .4-.5. Even solo on server this is the case.

    It is a smooth low sim for the most part and things are still very functional for me but I know some other players have been having some issues.

    Bio has had some high ping issues.

    Maybe to much trash out there?

    I have also had some weird issues with oxygen. One day it was dropping to 7.4 right after spawn and would not recharge to a higher state. Now it seem to not register in HUD drop in oxygen till you get to 14%ish. So oxygen acting a little funky since last patch.
  2. Lothaar

    Lothaar Member VIP

    Server was running really well last night. was at .7-.8 sim for the most part. Did you change anything?
  3. Biospud

    Biospud Member

    Getting extremely fluctuating pings from 41 - 111,000 at extremely random interval. It'll go to 20k, bounce to 88k, drop back to 200, then shoot to 111k (highest I've seen), and back to 41 for a little while. Been able to function very very slowly. No real clue what's going on. Been consistent issue since two thursdays back.
  4. TK-880

    TK-880 New Member

    Same on my end.
  5. CyberVic

    CyberVic Well-Known Member VIP

    Nothing configuration wise has changed.

    I will try to do a ship review, there could be just a lot of floaters which over time slow down the server.
  6. Batsu

    Batsu New Member

    Game has been almost unplayable even when my ship is idle.