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    So I've noticed that Airlock doors were reskinned for the dx11. All the existing ones vanished in game. The ships of our fleet and stations are heavy with modded blocks. So it occurred to me and TK that if one mod will vanish its content then most if not all will do the same. Now those same airlocks can't currently be placed in server atm, so it may just be a broken mod for now and that's why they've vanished. I've seen that happen only to have all the missing blocks restored once the mod was fixed. Other times I've seen them never return.

    Is there any way we can get updates on the dx11 reskinning of blocks. I'd hate to see 80% of a lot of my ships and equipment vanish. Going to take measures to build vanilla cargo areas and get at least minimal vanilla engines set on most of my ships at least temporarily until this can be more explored and covered.
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    Are you asking me to give you details on all 72 or whatever mods on the server and status of when people are updating all those mods?

    I mean, I have no idea. Also, mods are not forever. At any point a mod developer could delete the mod off of the workshop. If so it screws things over. They could in an update also change the item ID for something. Again something I can't control. There's nothing I can do other than update the mods a few times a week and hope for the best.

    Right now I've been doing a full refresh of all the mods. This shouldn't affect anything. When you see mods "disappear" it's when they are actually broken or if a mod decides to COMPLETELY delete a mod and it simply doesn't exist anymore on the workshop. Stargate was an example of this where you saw it disappearing, reappearing, etc. 95% of mods have no underlying code, just XML, models, and textures.

    I am not planning on removing any mods without the entire community agreeing upon it. Again though, I cannot guarantee a mod will just just vanish. I have no control over what mod developers do or don't do. Use mods at your own risk. It's as simple as that.

    If you have any other wise ideas let me know. I mean I make a map with 1 of every single block in the game, load up the map with every mod (including updates to that mod) and then fly through it looking to see if any disappeared. Could take a LONG time to validate every single block in the game.

    The problem there is that there's nothing I can do because as soon as you connect to the game your CLIENT will download the latest mod. Whether you like it or not in space engineers, your client is almost more important than the server. The server's version of the mod only matters on startup.
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    Thanks for filling us in. All of us had the air lock doors disappear from our ships when you updated the server last week so we figured all the other mods would do the same as they were updated to DX11. We panicked about our armored/high density cargo containers full of our supplies would do the same. So, looks like we shouldn't depend on any of the modded blocks.
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    Basically, it all depends on what the mod developers do.

    Most smart mod developers will transition to DX11 without issue.
    Dumb ones will change id's and stuff will disappear.
    Some mods will never get updated and be abandoned.
    Others might make a new mod based on the old one with DX11 fixes.
    When that happens we will have to migrate to the new mod, but then again there would be id changes.
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