Working on Server performance and low sim issue

Discussion in 'Requests / Reports' started by Lothaar, Jun 20, 2015.

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    Just want to let you guys know Vic is working on figuring out what the issues are with the server. We tested a few mods and other parameters to see what is causing the problems; turned off and on programs, auto inventory and anything else that had code or programing elements. None of those mods were the issue. The map has also been cleaned up from 250 entities to 160 and nothing is in motion. This did seem to rais sim from general .4 average to .5 ish. So random crap in space was playing a small part in low sim but we still need to find the real slowdown.

    Of the 160 entities left we suspect there may be a projector projecting a large grid into an asteroid or some configuration of connectors that are active are tweaking out. Landing gear, maglock pads/beams, connectors can all act very weird sometimes when left engaged and the two connected elements start fighting each other for what is the "at rest" position.

    So we still need to find what grid or grids have funky stuff going on that may be causing the global slow sim speed. Past that I think we are OK.

    Yesterday I logged into 6 different 50-100 man servers pinging between 50-100ms that are running 70 or more mods. The average sim was almost always around .9-1.0 in empty space and in complex areas. Some servers were indistinguishable from single player mode.

    Today I went in a couple servers with 200 plus mods and 10 people online and worst I saw sim get was .8

    So mods are almost certainly not the issue, almost all mods are just blocks with a few variable changed, not added or taken away. Pure cosmetic non functional blocks are even less of a deviation from vanilla.

    What we have is a configuration problem on one or more grids. We can try to find them as a next step but any input from our players will help a lot. I know we can get this server running top notch again and get our core players back and retain new players, who for now, play a few hours and then never return.

    That said, if we had better net-code, then we would still have some weird stuff going on on a grid somewhere, but no one would be effected on the server unless they were on that grid locally. But we can not wait for better net-code as a solution. We need to be able to attend to server health with our own methods until better net-code comes along.

    So please lets use this thread to figure out what is going on a fix it. Post ideas, research on suspected issues, anything you think may help.
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    Nice job guys, i'm on the server right now an have around .8 sim. Noticed I left a small ship projector on, on my welding drone and turned it off. Also see that anything locked into a connector seems to dance after a server restart, so leaving them unlocked but still linked to the connector seems ideal to stop that. My large ship dances hardcore when locked into my station's connector.
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    Im still getting .6 avg in dead space nothing on grid. Popped in a few random servers to check my client to make sure and still getting .8-1.0 so we still need to find a few funky grids with stuff that need to be reset, unconnected, etc...
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    server just went down. came back up and seems to have rolled back to a save from Friday.....
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    looks like it rolled back just before you cleaned up space trash. Sim is way down again
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    May be when you had Server Extender on it changed the way or place saved maps went to