Server offline 19 hours

Discussion in 'Requests / Reports' started by TK-880, Jun 23, 2015.

  1. TK-880

    TK-880 New Member

    Server has been offline for 19 hours.
  2. Lothaar

    Lothaar Member VIP

    Server is up but the map is still rolled back to Friday night. When it crashed yesterday it rolled back a couple days to friday. Is there any way we can get back more recent map save from yesterday. Normally not that big of a deal, but i clocked a lot of hours over the weekend and also I think it rolled back before you cleaned up so sim in down again really low
  3. CyberVic

    CyberVic Well-Known Member VIP

    The issue was with server extender. I don't trust the thing. It must have not be en saving correctly. So yeah if it wasn't saving correctly it would have been a rollback to before I did all that work on server extender deleting like 80 ships.

    I can't keep manually cleaning this shit up all the time. Either KSH needs to fix their shit so it's more optimized or some kind of auto-cleanup.