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    If I'm being honest almost everybody who wanted creative to be revived in the past doesn't care about it being revived anymore. I'm pretty sure we should just let this go...
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    It's not so much we don't care, but it's like seeing your old school be knocked down. It may be struggling, but we'll be sad to see it go.

    Having an area that people can trial build something though is useful, no matter which server you play on. Instead of taking down the server, it's reduced to the guest plots (to weed out a percent of griefers) and keep the b1 plots and a terrain world. Allow people to build, but do away with the promotion grind.
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    Kinda surprised no one's objecting to that. A larger decision such as this could require general community support, so people's opinions would be appreciated. Even if it's just to say you like the idea or not. Hell start drama if you want.

    (This, of course, assumes that there isn't a staff discussion about it)
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    Firstly addressing Legend's last post...

    I think that most people on the server see the "grind" for rank ups as the only reason to play. Were this not true, we wouldn't have the notoriously bad playtimes of every person we promoted to architect, and anecdotally, I've had many higher level players (and lower level ones) complain about how easy it is to rank up and that they would stay longer on the server if it took them less time to rank up. To get more players we need a progression system, as most players care about progression much more than community or just building. We hardly have a Creative community at the moment anyway.

    I'd love Creative revived, I personally have little stake in the promotion system as I sat on the server to talk to people, not to build.
    My problem is just that I have other games that I'd rather play and a fairly prominent homework load and with literally 0 regular Creative players, there is no one there for me to chat with. I'd be willing to put time into fixing the server however, at least during Summer.

    If you want drama: If you're a Creative admin who has spent every revival thread from the past year trying to seem badass by not caring about some baby Minecraft server then you're now demoted. Interjecting in every thread wherein people are attempting to make progress with complaints about no one motivating you adds absolutely nothing to the discussion. Very clearly, changes must be made and actions must be taken to make Creative active again, and if you are unwilling to do so then there will never be more players. Attempting to dissuade other people on the Shadecrest Creative forums from taking actions to make the Shadecrest Creative server again active or at least functional is ridiculous. Clearly some people care, and you telling them they shouldn't is stupidly self-centered. Some people are willing to put in a few hours of discussion and work to attempt to revive a place they've spent thousands of hours over several years even if you can't be bothered to do so because you're too cool.
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    I think drama may have been a bad choice of words on my part. I meant for people to become emotionally involved and passionate on the issue. That's one of the reasons I suggested essentially gutting the server, to remind people that they care (That, and I made the mistake of assuming Simp's post as being representative of the population norm).

    A note on this next part, I am aware that I have been inactive on creative for a while now, so some of my points may be invalid. I did try to become more active and devote more time each day, but then after the plot pluggin updated I can't place any blocks on my creative plot.

    I am also aware that the grind is the reason a lot of people keep playing, but community is why they start. The sense that I got after the creative revamp probably around a year ago now when we got rid of the B1 terrain world is that the majority of builds are now people building by themselves. To me the plots give a sense of isolation, and the promotion from guest to B1 (to me again) is that they shown that they can build on a plot, now just do it again, but bigger, and then you can move on. At least with the old B1 terrain workd you got the sense of joining the larger community, even if most of the builds there were a bit bad.

    This is a bit of a ramble for the most part, as I try to finish this message on the bus before I get to uni. The main point I think I'm making is that community should be a higher priority than promotion.

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    We're getting a few creative people on daily, probably a good time to change things that need changing.
    I can offer my opinions on the technical side of any suggestions, but I can't help with the design on this one. For me, creative is a prototyping tool for survival builds. And a redstone playground. :)

    For starters, I'd say take a look at some popular creative servers. See what a lot of them do and what issues they have. Get a solid base set up for our server, then advertise like mad. Also screenshots for pmc and mcf are good, survival needs them too.