Space Engineers Server has been continually rolling back to a point at least 2 weeks ago

Discussion in 'Requests / Reports' started by MarkTheRabidCat, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. MarkTheRabidCat

    MarkTheRabidCat New Member

    Yeah, I got back on the Space Engineers server a couple weeks ago, and started making some progress on my base, then 2 days ago everything I'd done was reverted, so I decided to take the hit and start working back to where I was, then this morning THAT had been reverted... Soooo???? WTF?

    Also, I think I'm the only person still playing on this server...
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  2. Dynodamon

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  3. MarkTheRabidCat

    MarkTheRabidCat New Member

    Did it again... reverted to the same point.

    I think I"m gonna take a break from this server until this is fixxed.
  4. CyberVic

    CyberVic Well-Known Member VIP

    Not sure what I can do to fix it. I know it crashed a couple of weeks ago after I had been running extender (which I used to clean up the world file). Since then I've been running it without extender. If it's still rolling back with the normal service, I'm not sure what I can to do.
  5. MarkTheRabidCat

    MarkTheRabidCat New Member

    Errr you might need to wipe the server and reinstall it then, cause noone can make progress... it's done it 2 or 3 times so far.

    I've been sitting on your teamspeak server in the SE room, so if you want help testing or anything, I should be available.

    P.S. OH and can you add the cement voxel gun?
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  6. MarkTheRabidCat

    MarkTheRabidCat New Member

    Yeah, it's still doing it... I wouldn't be surprised if it's just not saving or something.

    Edit, did it again.... it's doing it almost daily
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