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Discussion in 'Requests / Reports' started by Thoddius, Jul 22, 2015.

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    I would like to see a discussion from those that use the server, of the mod set that's available for use.
    I've started a list below for changes that I hope would be beneficial for the server and hopefully the people that play on it.

    Suggesting to remove:
    Armor panels 347612102
    No longer in development (author hospitalized) Alternative version below.

    Armor ramps 328494103

    No longer in development (author hospitalized) Alternative version below.

    Docking Ring 294619787
    No longer in development (author abandoned project as unworkable)

    Mass Driver 316931550
    No longer in development (author abandoned project as unworkable)

    Medium Thruster 297487723
    rendered obsolete by game updates, Alternative in new mods below.

    RCS Thruster 391667552
    Mostly obsolete because of changes in mass (though may be usable on drones or other very small craft.) usefulness is up for debate.

    Ultra Gyro 313079164
    Far to over sized, Alternative below.

    Replacement for above mods:

    Reworked Armor Panels 485909867
    Replaces Armor Panels

    Reworked Armor Ramps 490036307
    Replaces Armor Ramps

    Armor Slabs 435719931

    1 Half height block Highly useful for tight builds.

    Armor Slabs Extension 498508436

    6 additional half height blocks (Augments Armor ramps set)

    S - Modular Thruster 388525350
    Alternative for Medium thruster

    Highly suggested mods to add.

    Digi's Sloped LCD's 421640222

    Great cosmetic way to display scripts or build bridge control rooms.
    Boarding Ramp 487835945

    eliminates need fro rotors on some ships.

    Azimuth Open Cockpit 468593951

    Could not decide to place under cosmetic or scale-ability. fills desperate need for cockpit in small ships.

    Reworked Blast Windows 488203984

    Mitigates need to hide bridge behind armor.

    Digi's Conveyor Hinges 385778606

    Highly stable / useful. replaces need for rotor or piston in many cases.
    Gravity Collector 402858936
    Highly stable / useful block.

    Game Changing Mods
    OKI Weapons Collection 429053416
    With changes to durability of heavy armor. A heavy weapon selection is becoming a necessity.

    OKI Weapons Collection 429053416
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    I'm ok with the replacements I guess, the only problem I have is maybe with the medium thruster. Are you sure it's obselete? We already have tiered thrusters in place so maybe that's what I should end up using instead anyhow. So we really need modular thrusters or is that just another thruster alternative? They do certainly look nice, so they have my vote.

    The Digi Sloped LCD's are something Thodd brought up but I want to test them on creative.
    I find the change to the icons to be aggravating and what to see what they replaced or if that part of the mod is some how configurable.

    I've been wanting to add different seats for a while, those are legit.
    Ok the boarding ramp, conveyor hinges, and gravity collector are f'ing amazing.
    Reworked blast windows seems nice.

    I guess OKI weapons collection seems good. I worry about adding too many different weapons systems to the game, worry about balance, but I assume the community has tested them enough and commented if the shells are too cheap / unbalanced or whatever.

    I would suggest the community make decisions on these changes ASAP so we can replace those above sooner than later before people get too established in this current world reset. Removing the Mass Driver mod will change the procedural world generation.
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    I'm in favor of all the changes other than removing the mass driver (although if its rendering issue cant be fixed I am in favor of removing it). Also the statement about the mass driver no longer being in development is incorrect as of last week.

    "Still no ETA, but I got a guy (again)) who is willing to help me with the code. I hope that this will get somewhere finally." - Darth Biomech, 11 Aug 2015.
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    Replacements are fine with me, though you did not list one for the Ultra Gyro mod. The medium thruster is based off of the KSH thruster, so it should be balanced but I will have to check.
    Modular thrusters look fine, but the thruster mods need to update to the new thruster costs.
    More chairs, sure.
    The blast windows seem superfluous to me since we have blast doors and shutters, but whatever. Since they are the same size as a door and you can only see through half of it I see no point.
    I like guns.
    Docking Ring, can be put back in once it works.
    I already mentioned the slabs, I want them.
    Hinged conveyors, yes.
    Grav Collector, I need it yesterday.
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    Hmmm guess he found someone else. I don't see how anyone can do what he wants it to do since the API hasn't really been expanded.

    I mostly agree. My response to it was "yeah ok that's cool". IMO I do think it looks too much as a door. They look better shut and terrible open.
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    I had another alt for the ultra gyro, I don't know where it went in the list. I will track it down again.

    The Blast windows are useful in that, if you placed windows, and then shutters, the space you used is doubled. (There will be 2 sided that you cannot place blocks right against.
    Also when you open them the "veins" go away, they are totally clear.
  9. Thoddius

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    Here are some mods I want, and some which are updates. I will list the ones to be removed by replacements at the bottom.

    BFR Refurbished Reactor
    ShadowFlux Used Mining Equipment
    Eikesters Decorations and more - Part II
    Large Drill
    DK Earthbreaker Drill (DX11)
    TVSI-Tech Buttons [DX11]
    (DX11) Conveyor Hinges - transfer items flexibly
    (DX11) Tiered Thruster Pack
    (DX11) Larger Airtight Hangar Door
    (DX11) Kolt - Command Console Pack
    Hangar Gates
    Extreme Lights
    (DX 11) Tiered Reactors
    Azimuth Overclocked Ore Detectors~(DX-11 Ready)
    [Mexpex] Heavy Mining Drill
    Hammerman decoration pack (DX11)

    For removal:

    Hammerman prep station pack [OUTDATED]
    Kolt - Command Console Pack
    !DISCONTINUED! Control Panel Pedestal & Button Pedestal Blocks
    Overclocked Ore Detector
  10. Gillgamesh

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    This is just for Thoddius:, since his speech always becomes more colorful when painting. (see what I did there?)
    Paint Gun - more realistic painting in survival
    I might use this myself but I don't advocate it for the server. Adding too many mods just because they are nifty is bound to cause issues, far too many nifty mods out there.

    Why the two drills?

    I have seen reports of the Earth Breaker being way OP and breaking, but that may have been fixed.
    You may want to consider Mexplex Heavy drill as an alt.

    Here is the mod I suggested as and alternative to ultra gyro, as many of them are 500x or more power this one is "only" 50x power. I cant see anyone building any useful ship needing that much turning force on a MP survival server. This would suffice and I believe it' sufficiently balanced.
    Advanced Gyroscope

    These just came onto the shop as well, and I would welcome one since the vanilla sensors.. it just doesn't make scene to have them at such a short range.
    Sensor 1000m Max Range
    Sensor 5000m Max Range

    5000 may be to OP , I would encourage discussion before adopting it.
  11. Thoddius

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    I guess we can add the Mexplex Heavy Drill as well. As to why I would include 2, or now 3, new drills is to eliminate ships with multiple drills as much as possible. The Large Drill replaces 4 vanilla drills with one block. The Mexplex Heavy Drill replaces 25 vanilla drills with one block. And the Earth Breaker replaces 49 vanilla drills with one block. The server will run MUCH better if you use a 5x5 single drill in place of 25 vanilla drills. These are the things that influence many of my suggestions; it is all about keeping server performance high while giving more choices to the players.
    The Gyro sounds good to me.
    The sensor also comes in a 500 meter version. The further out it looks the more it will affect the server, so consider how many sensors you need per build and how far out they really need to look.
  12. Gillgamesh

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    I think the sensors should be able to detect targets, at least, or better a little farther out than the best range of any weapon that can auto target. So it should be dependent on the weapon pack that's chosen.

    Re, the drills, is server hit more dependent on the number of drills or the amount of debris that the drill kicks up? Is that relative to the number of drills or the surface area of the drill in contact with mined voxels? I don't know the answer myself. Ill try to look it up.
  13. CyberVic

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    I think drill scaling will help a lot with mining lag. Keep these coming guys.

    If someone wants to take a stab at coming up with a final list of change that would be great. If not I can, but lots of talk here, hard to keep up with everyone's opinions. Remember, we can add new mods whenever, but removing / replacing mods we want to do around resets so if that is happening the sooner we do that the better and we can make final decisions on new mods later.
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    These are the mods I am interested in adding into the Server

    Darth Biomech's Hydroponics mod is up to date and stable as of August 16th.

    AidylHeid's Window Solar Oxygen Farm Greenhouse [DX9 & DX11]: A nice mod to compliment Biomech's Hydroponics mod and to satisfy Space Engineers with a green thumb.

    Sektan's Gun pack, now upgraded with an assortment of new weaponry, including a pistol, which is very much needed. guns

    The Compact antenna mod by Kookas, the same maker of Compact Gyroscope. antenna

    The Radio Antenna by Phoenix has a very cool look to it, works as well if not better than the standard Laser Antenna. antenna

    MAZ Labratory LCD Screens add a much needed decoration with LCD panels and Text Panels.

    Flags of the world LCD pics. Contains many countries including flags from Science Fiction, including Firefly and others.
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    Thou i havent played much SE in a while i might sugest (planing to get back into SE multiplayer soon):
    Twin Drills
    Twin Welders:
    Twin Grinders:
    Merge less conveyor tubes: (with this ones its possible to make 1 single multi tool ship and just chnge the "tool head" to what you need at the moment
  16. Condoru7991

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    Concrete Tool (Would be nice utility but unsure)
    At the moment creating a smooth surface inside an asteroid is extraordinarily difficult.

    Energy Shields
    If many new and powerful weapons are added (looking at you OKI weapons) heavy armor has little resistance to them. With this we could defend our stations and ships while offline through the use of energy. Also the mod has a config file in case you find it overpowered or under powered the values can be adjusted.

    Azimuth Mega Pack
    Since a few of the Azimuth mods are already in use and more have been suggested it might make sense to include the entire azimuth mega pack as they are all (supposedly) balanced and survival ready and all look good. This will also give a lot more choice cosmetically.

    Mainly because I would like to see a futurama style transport network (if you haven't seen it, it is people being sucked up and shot though tube network to their destination then stopped at the end). Secondly because complex gravity fields are insanely difficult to setup with the current gravity generators.

    Primarily for use inside stations and large ships- This will allow stations to have gravity that will not interfere with docked ships gravity as well as allow for much more complex gravity setups and open up new possibilities for pathways within the station..... an example would be easily walking up a wall.... Inception anyone? This would also help on large ships with gravity drives where many smaller gravity generators are needed to avoid interfering with the drive if they user wants to be able to have gravity throughout the ship as well as a gravity drive.
    This will also help to avoid situations where gravity over a large area causes rocks to be pulled into a station - Example: When a cargo container is broken and a huge ball of ore is hurtled though the dock.

    First Person Helmet HUD with 3D HUD (Unlikely but worth a shot)
    Looks cool and adds an purpose for the helmet other than oxygen for those who want it. Can be toggled on and off for anyone who does not want it.

    Thanks for reading and thanks for considering these.
  17. CyberVic

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    OMG guys I love all the feedback but this is slightly overwhelming

    Will have to give me a couple of days to compile a proposed list
  18. Gillgamesh

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    Just an FYI. Re: Mass Driver Patch

  19. Thoddius

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  20. CyberVic

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    Here is the final list. I'll get the server updated this weekend. There are some things we omitted because we were worried about what it would do to a dedicated server or felt we had reasonable, more balanced alternatives. There are some items below that we want to have ongoing discussions regarding, but for now, this will be our biggest mod update yet.

    *Removed Completely*
    Docking Ring

    *Replaced with other mods or just updated DX11 ready versions below*
    Armor panels
    Armor ramps -
    ButtonPanelmod -
    Control Panel Pedestal & Button Pedestal Blocks -
    Hammerman prep station pack -
    Kolt - Command Console Pack -
    Overclocked Ore Detector -



    Game Scalability Mods
    Azimuth Overclocked Ore Detectors
    DK Earthbreaker Drill (DX11) -
    BFR Refurbished Reactor -
    Extreme Lights -
    Large Drill -
    Mexpex Heavy Mining Drill -
    S - Modular Thruster -
    Sensor 1000m Max Range -
    Tiered Reactors -
    Tiered Thruster Pack -
    Twin Drills -

    Game Changing Mods
    Boarding Ramp
    Digi's Conveyor Hinges -
    Gravity Collector -
    Window Solar Oxygen Farm Greenhouse -
    Cosmetic / Alternative Blocks
    Armor Slabs
    Armor Slabs Extension -
    Azimuth Open Cockpit -
    Digi's Sloped LCD's -
    Flags of the world LCD V2 -
    Hangar Gates -
    Hammerman decoration pack -
    Helmet - first person helmet glass with 3D HUD -
    Kolt - Command Console Pack -
    Larger Airtight Hangar Door -
    MAZ Laboratory LCD Screens -
    Reworked Armor Panels -
    Reworked Armor Ramps -
    Reworked Blast Windows -
    S - Retractable Tunnel -
    ShadowFlux Used Mining Equipment -
    TVSI-Tech Buttons -

    Weapons (Needs a larger weapons discussion)
    OKI Weapons Collection
    S - Guns - All at once -

    Maybe (Needs further discussion or dedicated server testing)
    Azimuth Complete Mega Mod Pack
    Concrete Tool -
    Energy Shields -
    Eikesters Decorations and more - Part II -
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