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    Looks good - Was surprised to see the HUD was accepted :)

    Energy Shields vs Azimuth Shields
    Also in regards to the Energy Shields and Azimuth pack require further discussion. I thought I would make it clear that the Azimuth shields are nothing like the energy shields.

    Azimuth shields are just a large block with a floating slab in front of them Even he "invisible" ones are more similar to projector transparency. They also do not regenerate their health (as far as I can tell from some quick testing). They can also not be placed horizontally or vertically. They can only be placed on an angle. This makes them very effective for absorbing the initial hit but ineffective under sustained fire.

    Energy shields are not physical blocks that take damage. They cover the entire grid and not just a small area. They regenerate over time and have a maximum damage after witch they fail and the blocks they were protecting can be damaged. The recharging ability makes them effective at absorbing single large hits as well as multiple smaller hits very well. How damage to shields is calculated (damage to each block is taken off the shields instead) it makes explosives very effective as well as collision based weapons (player torpedoes etc)

    Data coming Soon!
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    I wanted to ask real quick, after last nights council meetings, what will the verdict be on the future use of Jump Drives in the survival server?
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    We like jump drives, they are temporarily disabled due to a bug. Once we validate that has been fixed, we will re-enable them.
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    Love the list. I would only argue once more for the blast windows. I talked with Thod last night about it.
    to be concise here are my points:
    • there's no direct replacement to armor windows.
      • shutters can be used but they are not as durable.
      • You cant see though them when closed
      • cant place them on slopes.
    • There are "Armored Glass" mods out there but the glass tends to pop out in many case and badly deforms the blocks around them.
    • Without armored glass of some type, ships with viable bridges are not feasible. (this makes me sad)
    • As far as ugly, I created the ship in screenshot that follow with blast windows. Notice they can blend together, there are slopes as well as rounded windows.

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    Yay for the squeaky wheel!
    Thanks CyberVic!
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    No... it's both. Look at the tabs dinkis.
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    Got it!
    My bad, too many windows open on desktop.
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    Hammerman's updated Decoration mod never made it on the upload, unless I'm missing something.
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    Do not, I repeat, do NOT use projector blocks as rapid repair tools on your ships. Projectors should be used in "Show Buildable" mode to reduce lag and should be turned OFF when not actively being used. This will help to keep lag to a minimum for all users.
    Area welders and grinders are not active weapons and should not be left on when not in use.
    Please name your ships to help use keep the server clean. I shouldn't need to check a ship with a name to see if it is derelict, I should only have to hunt down Small/Large Ship ####.
    If your ship is missing, especially if your client crashed while you were in it, then let an admin know so we can stop it and help you to recover it, even if it happened 30 minutes ago (or more). I do not like having to go out 6,500,000, yes 6.5 million, meters to clean up junk.

    We have ACTIVE admins and we are here to help YOU. Help us help you.

    Keep the comments/suggestions coming and have fun.
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    These are possible mods that may be added at the discretion and expertise of the administrators and resident mod testers, for the future of the server. These are not mods I believe should be added immediately or without proper discussion of risks/benefits, or pros and cons. These are suggestions for later in the near or distant future on as the community grows, planets become available, etc. The mods are ideas and perhaps may one day become beneficial in some form or manner, therefore I understand given the recent updates of modifications in the server that posted ideas are perhaps pipe-dreams at best.

    Shadowflux's Refurbished mod: (All clean and not rusty and stuff)

    S - Airtight Door(s) - DX11

    S - Lights - DX11

    Railguns for Large Ships- (Possible Over-powerment, testing needed)

    AidylHeid's Cargo and Storage [DX9 & DX11] (Decorations)

    *Possible add-on*
    Industrial Sized (DX11)- from mod author "The Advanced Assembler (2x2x2) is 12 times as fast as the standard assembler, but only uses 10 times the power. Additionally, it has 12 upgrade slots. The Advanced Refinery (3x4x3) is 12 times faster, and uses 10 times the power. It has 14 upgrade slots to boost its stats. "

    *Suit mods*
    Worn Series #1 and #2 by Tartaross (DX9/DX11)

    *For the Future with planets* (Should be tested extensively on Creative server if greenlight is issued)
    Aidylheid & VisSE [DX11] Shale Oil Resource & Diesel Power
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    Changes made to the server as of 09/10/2015

    Some Blue Clouds (Skybox)
    Fly-Through Welder (Kodiak)

    XL Industrial

    XL Industrial (Rebalanced)
    Sloped LCD Panels
    [SC]Hammerman's - Small Ship Glass
    ShadowFlux Refurbished Equipment